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Oh Canada!

Sometime back in early 2005, my husband and I had a talk about how to make our lives somewhat easier than what it currently was. Granted, it wasn't that bad, but we wanted it to be better.


Jay at the time did not have his green card, but was a temporary visitor so could not work, study, or do pretty much anything legally. I was the one working full time to support our small family, and had grown tired of being the soul breadwinner. So, we had looked into him getting his green card in the US, and also the job opportunities that would be available in our area. To file the necessary paperwork would be costly, and honestly, there wasn't anything around that Jay wanted to do. His dream was to work in the video game industry, and Louisville didn't have anything to offer at that time. The other option was Canada. The cost for permanent residency for me was about $1000, and filing from outside Canada would take, at the most, 6 months. Cost wise, and time wise, Canada was the most logical option for us. We had already spent the first part of our relationship so far apart that we didn't want to do it again since we had been living together for five years. Job opportunities were also looking good for Jay in the industry that he wanted to get into. Needless to say, we chose the route to Canada.


The end of August of '05, Jay moved back to Montreal to live with his mom, and I moved back home (eep!) to save money for our little lifestyle change. That was also the first time that I started to live the single parent life. I'll tell you this, even though I had my parents help, it sucked. It's a circumstance to which I never want to go through again.


In the meantime while Jay and I were separated, Jay got a job at Longtail Studios, and moved from Montreal to Quebec City. I tried to spend as much time as I could working my butt off, and spending time with friends and family before the move. Our relationship had turned into what it had started out with due to the process taking longer than planned. At least this time was much easier, and cheaper, to talk to each other each day than it was years prior.


After getting tired of waiting around, and figuring out some time lines between my visa being complete, and Jay having to find a new place, we decided to go ahead with the move earlier than planned. I went ahead and put my notice in at my current job, and started packing again. Jay went looking about for an apartment for all of us in Quebec City.


On 7/7/07, I crossed the border into Canada as a visitor, and was able to stay for six months, and in very much the same situation that Jay was while living in the States, only this time, we knew it wouldn't be for long. My visa application was in process, and within six months, I would have my permanent residence. That, however, is another story.


Sorry about the crappy story, but I just can't concentrate tonight.

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Taken on December 9, 2009