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Polite Bus Driver | by meddygarnet
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Polite Bus Driver

Today, I finally asked someone if I could take their picture. I may continue, but I'm definitely not going to make a project out of it because, man, I'm painfully shy. After this photo was taken I spent the next 15 minutes trying to get the anxiety shakes and cold chills to go away.


When I got on the bus this evening to come home from exploring a bit downtown, I was pleasantly greeted with a "Hi! How are you?" from the bus driver. It wasn't forced, and I quickly responded with "Good, and you?" She replied with a "I'm fine, thanks!"


Each person who came on the bus afterward, and even got off, she greeted pleasantly. So, sitting there, I thought it would have been a perfect opportunity to take a step out of my comfort zone. I awkwardly asked her at the main bus terminal if I could take her picture. After a second of contemplating why, I told her it was because she was so polite, and mumbled some other things I can't remember. She told me yes, as soon as the new customers got onto the bus.


So thank you, if you end up finding this, for allowing me to take your portrait on this random day and not rejecting some weird woman with her camera.

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Taken on December 8, 2009