Light Leaks part Duex

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    Canon A1
    50mm 1.4/f
    Kodak Gold Max 400 ISO
    Taken: Joliet, IL. Dec. 2010

    Photo Story: In Joliet, IL. filming DREAMS. We had a small break before shooting. I snuck out to the streets and found a drawbridge. Next to this industrial marvel was this tiny field of beautiful golden grain.

    PS. For my truest followers you've known that my trusty Canon A1 has been experiencing some light leaks lately. I can't say I care for them, but I can't say I hate them either. This particular shot stood out to me as one that benefits from such leaks.
    I've noticed a huge increase in the red leak from the top, and now a friendly white leak from the side has come to join. You will notice the same as I continue to post photos. Enjoy and thanks for coming back. :)

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    1. david.davis 51 months ago | reply

      It's only art the first time. There must be a camera shop down there who can slap a new seal on it.

    2. meddlesome photos 51 months ago | reply

      Ha! Yeah, maybe that's the key. Unfortunately I've got about 3-5 rolls with various light leaks. There is a camera shop that will fix it. Just a matter of going through the couch cushions.

    3. Ev0luti0nary 51 months ago | reply

      love the lighting and the tones and composition :DDDDDDDD

    4. JayDub Photography 51 months ago | reply

      I like the red, but the white leak literally takes away a good 1/3rd of the photo.

    5. sammyiej 45 months ago | reply

      does the ccamera come with a light leak or did something just go wrong cause i love it

    6. valentinaaabotero 38 months ago | reply

      how do you put these light leaks on the photo? ive been trying to apply it to a picture of mine, using gimp but i dont know how. please help xo

    7. meddlesome photos 38 months ago | reply

      Hi (apologies for taking so long to respond), and ,

      The camera is a Canon A1 and it shoots film. The light leaks are something recent that's developed. The light is leaking from where the lens and the body meet (there's a sponge material that's supposed to prevent this but it has started to deteriorate), and also at the hinge of the film loader (I guess plastic flexes when it gets used a bunch). I've used some photo black tape to seal up these areas until I can have the camera serviced.
      So in answer to your question @velentinaabotero, I have no idea how to apply a light leak via Gimp or Photoshop. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Light leaks can have a cool look. But I would go to Goodwill or some other thrift shop, find a slightly used film camera (or if you want light leaks find a VERY used film camera), buy some ASA 100 or 400 speed film and start taking photos. Make a bunch of mistakes for the first few rolls (cause that's how you learn), and then start shooting some more, until your addiction to film becomes so deep you begin having a connection and realization of what your grandfather must have gone through to take a single photo. The feeling of one successful photo taken on film is like no other. Then you'll image what it would feel like to have 36 successful photos on one roll of 35mm film. I imagine pure bliss. Truthfully, the closest thing I own to a digital camera is my iPhone. :) Check it out if you'd like.

      As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my photos. Keep shooting!
      PS. The smell of celluloid is also fucking amazing. :)

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