God of Acheron

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    Forge of Acheron 2012

    it was a real struggle to get this shot somehow done.
    the lightcondition was really strong and rare in here, several parts of the frame where still pitch black after 1 minute exposure while other parts are burned out at 1 sec allready.

    to combine the exposures in photomatix turned out tricky with to less information in the dark parts.
    as i must say i hadnt that bright exposures like i would prefer to work with. (to lazy after a 1minute expo :P)
    also the lens was quiet dirty. :(

    so this is my, lets say, 5th reedit of this shot..... starting to like it finally.
    i took parts of some ecvb shots i made a couple of years ago to merge them into black parts of the shot to make the noisy and blured black parts disappear.

    also i had terrible struggle with CA´s and very cryptic lensflares.
    next to all this i had to straighten the lens distortion from the mega wide 12mm lens, wich made the long pipes on the side get cutted off.
    that for i had to extend a part of the ceiling.
    annoying stamp work. :/

    for me this is a very special shot as i really love big industrial giger shaped stuff.
    and this even looks like a mechanic chtulhu too.
    so that all makes it perfect for me! :D

    hope you enjoy it! :D

    what you see is above the Basic Oxgen Furnace.
    all those pipes are used to blow the oxygen via a long Mainlance into the Converter.
    the Lance has a couple of holes in the tip to bring a good circulation of oxygen.

    a further developement of bofs is the bottom-blown oxygen process to avoid spitting and slopping.
    in this newer process the oxygen got blown in the converter via the bottom.

    but you may find way more infos about BOFs and steel making process here:

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    1. daknoll 32 months ago | reply

      very good work, chris!
      And thanks for the detailed description of the shot, it makes him come alive for me. ;)

    2. endsilence 32 months ago | reply

      starke Arbeit!

    3. gimmeocean 32 months ago | reply

      Awesome result for all that effort! Big fave!

    4. mookie427 32 months ago | reply

      That is stupidly epic.

    5. mike_dooley 32 months ago | reply

      gorgeous shot man, all the reworking that you did really paid off this is top shelf all the way!

    6. dsm8954 32 months ago | reply

      Excellent job pulling this out. Very Giger.

    7. a└3 X 32 months ago | reply


    8. bestarns [www.spiritofdecay.com] 32 months ago | reply

      wow amazing shot , wonderful detail !! nice processing :)

    9. 54 Ford Customline 32 months ago | reply

      I look at this and think straight away of the machine in Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"
      Bloody amazing stuff!

    10. jrej www.gregoirec.com 32 months ago | reply

      Freaking nice work, loving the result!!

    11. olavXO 32 months ago | reply

      What an amazing place.
      I really like your processing too.

    12. orange hill 32 months ago | reply

      was ein monster... :-)
      sehr tolle atmosphäre - sieht sehr "lebhaft" aus!!
      klasse arbeit!!

    13. alecosta_69 32 months ago | reply

      Excellent pp.. great

    14. bhg_ 32 months ago | reply

      breathtaking :) ...

    15. Urbex Jason 32 months ago | reply

      SPEXS Bronze Award

      Please post the photo to the 5+ Bronze Awards thread if you received 5 or more bronze awards.

    16. Tripletreat 29 months ago | reply

      Well worth all the effort!

    17. astrowerx 28 months ago | reply

      truly great shot

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