elm leaves stitched together with pine needles floating in the lee of an island on a calm sunday morning

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    1. dj12lee 88 months ago | reply

      Voted meh from the meh group. All groups can be very meh. You are invited to find the meh group, and add it there if you can join it !

      PS I'm an Admin there, as we all are. But YOU won't be. :-P

    2. jakerome 88 months ago | reply

      Hey, doubleyouem, it really is confusing.

      To get into the Folio, you need to get 10 "save" votes on a photo. To get into the Safe, you need to get 10 "saveme" votes. You got 10 "delete" votes before 10 "save" votes, so no Folio. OTOH, you got 10 "saveme" votes before you got 10 "deleteme" votes, so the picture should be eligible for inclusion in "The Safe." However, since the admins in DeleteMe don't have a sense of humor, they refuse to admit you to The Safe despite the fact that you reached 10 votes. And since it was already deleted by The DMU (DeleteMe Uncensored), you're not eligible for The Folio.

      But, if you claim that you re-cropped it, you should be able to re-admit. But the admins (Beebo doesn't count) can help out with that. Once it's been allegedly cropped, count me as a

      -Voted "save3" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

    3. teh resa 88 months ago | reply

      The problem is also complicated by the fact that you got your 10 saveme votes from mostly DMU members of the Deleteme group. Since I quit the deleteme group I couldn't vote on it one way or the other.

      However, I am still on the DMU group list so...

      -Voted "save4" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

    4. teh resa 88 months ago | reply

      on the "cropped" version of course

    5. Thunderchild7 88 months ago | reply

      You should never ever post in more than one voting group at the same time. It causes no end of confusion.

      Ideally you shouldn't post in more than one voting group period. But if you must why not take the previous comments out first.

    6. jakerome 88 months ago | reply

      I think this was delted from The DMU before it was added to DMU Censored. Then the craziness began, which understandably confused doubleyouem. But since DMU Censored refused to allow him into The Safe, I think we should give him another shot to make The Folio. This conversation needs to be preserved.

    7. dj12lee 88 months ago | reply

      That'll be DMmostly-U, would it ? Rather than DMstrictly-U, which doesn't seem to exist. And DMUC is only an offshoot of EDMUL-WX, as we all know, but EDMUL-WX has only thirty-two members left, most of whom are trolls, and one of whom isn't me, or something. Then there's the Dangerous, DM Resurrected, Judgement Day, Fazza3, Rate me !, Remove me or Fave me, Who farted?, DMU Sunsets, Delete THIS !, Deleteme for Model Pictures, HCIMP, Camphone DM, DM s de R, My Mother, My siblings, all my fans, and friends, and most importantly, YOU, the viewing and voting audience. Thank you, thank you.

      *Runs off in floods of tears*

    8. Eiraq 88 months ago | reply

      links dj12lee. Links. Please. Or, come here
      and list them all. Woops...

    9. dj12lee 88 months ago | reply

      Go to groups, and do a search - there are 999 of them !

    10. iluvpepero 86 months ago | reply

      i really like this. :-)

    11. algo 86 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful creation and a lovely photo of it.
      Was it meditative Sunday morning activity?

      Thanks for your visit. With so many fences round here being put up by the Rothschilds about 150 years ago, there are bound to be several enclosed in trees (are Oaks particularly susceptible?). But I've never seen one cut like this before.

      Seen while exploring your Photostream following your visit. (?)

    12. jennypenny26 86 months ago | reply

      Alot of work went into this one. Fantastic on so many levels.

    13. javadoug 85 months ago | reply

      Now that's art! I've never seen so many comments.

    14. AH in Pgh 75 months ago | reply

      Beautiful object and beautifully photographed. Bravo!

    15. 'SeraphimC 62 months ago | reply

      Can I change my DMU vote?


    16. jakerome 62 months ago | reply

      This was a classic. If that was the first time I was blocked, I must have gone from 0 to 100 faster than any Flickr member in history.

    17. teh resa 62 months ago | reply

      you'd have a lot more access to stuff like this if you hadn't trashed all the threads in the original dmu.

      I have a stash of these links...

    18. 'SeraphimC 62 months ago | reply

      I didn't trash any of the threads in the old DMU. Neither did jake. Tiff did a bit and so did sf lights, maybe. And there's someone else who is methodically deleting all the threads.

    19. doubleyou_em 55 months ago | reply

      well, that's the first spam i've ever received on flickr!

      -no thankyou!

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