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Male paradise fish and newly free swimming fry.

  1. safoocat 86 months ago | reply

    you sure have some wonderful photographs

  2. Mean and Pinchy 86 months ago | reply

    Thanks! This is a favourite of mine because those little fry-guys were so tiny that one could hardly believe they were actually alive. It was fun watching the male guard the nest, then watching them hatch (and him try to keep up with them wiggling all over the place). Even feeding the little dudes four times a day was fun. I love baby critters. ♥

  3. safoocat 86 months ago | reply

    i can't see the fry, where are they?
    are those the fry in the note?
    love the lips on that fish, looks like a crooner!

  4. Mean and Pinchy 86 months ago | reply

    Yes, that is one little fry-guy in the note. Basically, a pair of eyes on a transparent stick with tiny pectoral fins visible only under 10x magnification. Newly hatched, they're about 2mm long. Very cute...if you can see them! :)

    Like bettas (Siamese fighting fish), the paradise fish are anabantoids, and the male builds a "nest" of bubbles for the eggs, which he will tend, making sure the eggs stay in the nest, and guard diligently (if he's a good dad). The female has nothing to do with the fry; once the embrace is complete and the eggs are released (and fertilised), she should be removed lest she eat the eggs. Also for her own safety; the male may attack or even kill her in his efforts to protect the nest.

    Newly hatched fry are called wigglers, and although they can't swim like real fish because they don't have all of their fins yet, they can and do move around. The male's instinct tells him to protect the little dudes, but they don't like to stay in one spot, so he'll have to go chase down those that have wandered away from the nest. That is what he was doing when I took this picture...chasing the kids. It is heartwarming to watch; how the male can even see such tiny, transparent creatures, I don't know, but he does and he'll go after them tirelessly, taking them gently in his mouth, swimming back and spitting them into the nest. Some "bad dads" get confused and eat them, but Heavy D (that's this male's name) was a fantastic dad and wouldn't even stop watching his kids long enough to eat when I tried to feed him. After they were old enough to eat--they live off the yolk sac for the first few days--I took him out and put him back into his home tank so he could have some rest. He did such a great job; he'd earned it! ♥

    There's a so-so picture of day-old fry in some bubbles at the edge of the nest, here.

  5. Jubaea 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Fish from above, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. ashleyspatula 46 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous colors!

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