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2 x softboxes some where in front & to the side!

Dual Snore Processors
With clogged sinus & aching head, this is my first 365 shot with my new D700. I'm not 100% happy with the processing, but I'm already loving the camera. Unfortunately I think I took a turn for the worse today & feel like poo. Actually left work early this morning because I just felt rotten. Scraped some energy together to take this picture, but didn't go as planned & don't feel up to redoing it...and as for the editing, so be it! Tomorrow is another day!
Hopefully I'll feel better in time for the weekend!

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  1. <3 Bella 78 months ago | reply

    OMG, I SEE A SMILE......in the eyes, RIGHT THERE!!!!! HA!!!!

  2. Miss-Wicket 78 months ago | reply

    wkd shot, love your eyes

  3. Jeff Engelhardt 78 months ago | reply

    ha! very funny! I love the idea . . . and I'll be selfish and say that I'm happy that you're sick because it inspired you to do a hilarious photo that gave me a good laugh!

    and you never fail to nail the eyes, great job! congrats on the new cam!

  4. {Just Call me S} 78 months ago | reply

    hehe oh this is great! don't use TP though, kleenex is better....!
    *feel better!*

  5. Something Cheeky 78 months ago | reply

    haha! I hope you feel better soon! I am such a whiny girl when I am sick...ugh!! Love the photo...great documentation of the moment!

  6. Subliminati 78 months ago | reply

    I had no idea TP could be so creepy

  7. Doug van Kampen 78 months ago | reply

    This is classic; hope you feel better and apparently you need some sleep as well to get rid of those red eyeballs! ;) Always so creative and insightful you are....

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  8. ~ Paloma~ [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    Oh dear!!
    You poor thing!
    Get well soon!
    The picture is great though and very funny like always you have so much imagination and humor. :)
    Love your camera!!!

    Seen in some comments. (?)

  9. {{those brown eyes}} has a new account! 78 months ago | reply

    ohh :( well get well soon!!
    you always seem to pull off such awsome shots. even if you are ill!! :O
    your camera is very nice ;)

  10. JoelleW 78 months ago | reply

    LOL at Dual Snore Processors.

    The TP makes this shot, but I second that suggestion to go for kleenex! otherwise your nose will be raw by tomorrow. :)

  11. }:{ Keda 78 months ago | reply

    Sorry you felt like poo. At least you had plenty of tissue to catch the drippage. Feel better.

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