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Friends have an annual get together the weekend before Thanksgiving for food and fellowship. This year I suggested a turkducken, and here is the resulting yumminess.

  1. annicariad 78 months ago | reply

    You greedy lot! I'm guessing turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken? Save me a slice?

  2. annicariad 78 months ago | reply

    Ah, just noticed the link!

  3. annicariad 78 months ago | reply

    ummm, and the notes"

    I'll get me coat!

  4. Phil Romans 78 months ago | reply

    annicariad What can I say, we love to eat. It is pretty darn good...

    Oh, and there is non left. Sorry!

  5. hjw3001 78 months ago | reply

    Wow! I've wanted to try one of these, how did it taste?

  6. andzer 78 months ago | reply

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  7. Phil Romans 78 months ago | reply

    hjw3001 Pretty darn good... a little more turkey than I was expecting, but good nontheless. Very easy to cut as there was no bones!

    andzer Thanks for the invite.

  8. wizard of moz 78 months ago | reply

    looks like it turned quite nicely! did you do any of the cooking, or just eating and picture taking?

  9. Phil Romans 78 months ago | reply

    wizard of moz It was bought like this... just needed to be popped in to the oven for the cooking part.
    I did some cooking, but not this. Plenty of photos and eating!

  10. andzer 78 months ago | reply

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  11. Phil Romans 78 months ago | reply

    andzer Thanks for the heads up!

  12. JustUptown 77 months ago | reply

    These rock. We can get them year round down here. Didn't know they were actually selling outside of NOLA. My fav is the turkey, chicken, duck, quail with no stuffing!!! Oh my yum!!!

    PS If you've never had a fried turkey - try it. If you decide to fry your own, pump it up with syringes of marinade and ALWAY fry in Peanut Oil (remember volume displacement too) - that way you don't burn down your house!!!!

  13. Phil Romans 77 months ago | reply

    J.A.U.G. Yes, yes they do.
    I've been wanting to get one for a while and finally convinced some friends to do it. There are companies who sell them made up, just have to pop them in the oven!

    And the fried turkey is semi-popular, just need to be VERY safe!

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