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our sins are paid | by mike donahue
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our sins are paid

Haven’t had much time to post or to come up with a sermon , been busy closing out my responsibility’s with Dillard’s. I decided not to take on another project with them. I spent to much money and time traveling but it was still profitable because I led several people to the Lord and many more recommitted their lives to Jesus. This is always my first objective where ever I am sent.

It says “ Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decisions “ in the book of Joel, so many people are wavering in their faith looking for that golden calf that will serve them instead of them having to serve the Lord. It is easier to serve sin and to keep peace than to be committed. When sin is glorified one will walk away from Christ in order to serve the flesh. We in the same way would avoid our parents and separate our self from them to hide our actions. We didn’t break their rules in front of them but instead we attempted to conceal them. We would also build a case against our parents and their rules in order to justify our actions and to remain popular with our friends. In retrospect we can now see that our parents didn’t make rules because they were mean or were looking for a excuse to punish us, but because they wanted to keep us safe and successful in life. When we were children we didn’t always under stand or agree with our parents rules even though they were older and wiser than us. Our Father in heaven loves us more than our parents, he is older and wiser then them, though we may not understand all his rules it would be wise to follow them. Most of us now wish we would have followed our parents rules and guide lines for life, it would have saved us a lot of grief.

I will be leaving for a week at a time, home only on the week ends while I explore a new opportunity with a new employer , don’t know how long it will last, I’ll leave that to the Lord to decide.

God bless all my new friends here on flickr of whom I have grown so very fond of, see you all next week.

Pastor mike


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Taken on August 16, 2005