My Equipment
I started this hobby a bit over a year ago
I have always had interest in telescopes and had a small refactor many years ago as my first Telescope. I then had a Mead 6" reflector. I sold it and have been without a scope for at least 10 years. I then purchased a Celestron SCT 6" and had it for about 6 months and decided to get my current scope Celestron SCT 9.25 My interest is basically Astrophotography and strive to get the best quality images that I can. It has been a very steep learning curve for me I started by learning to get my telescope aligned Polar Alignment as this will be needed to properly track the objects I will be capturing. I have been learning how to use all the software involved in this exciting hobby. Now I would like to start posting some of my captures. In this first set is the equipment I'm using.
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