Cook's Camps :: Wellfleet MA Cape Cod
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Cook's Camps (sometimes referred to as Cooks Cottages, Cooks By the Sea or Cooks Cabins) - is is an oceanside summer beach cottage colony located on the sand dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Wellfleet, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

Cook's Camps consists of 14 dune beach cottages spaced out over many acres of ocean beachfront setting atop the 125-foot high dunes along the Cape Cod National Seashore that Cape Cod and Wellfleet are so famous for.

Cook's Camp has been in continuous operation by the same family for over 75 years, during which time it has been refined it into a truly unique beach vacation setting. A place where simplicity and peace so richly define both the time you spend here and the memories you take away with you.

You won't find any telephones, fax machines, TV's or dishwashers here. Kids play together in the same safe and natural environment as has been enjoyed for generations, and yes, Cooks is pet friendly.
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