Burrard Bridge, Panography

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    1. tiny ninja extraordinaire 100 months ago | reply

      See, that totally doesn't show the rainy day we went through at all.

    2. Arezu 100 months ago | reply


    3. matthew.clifford 100 months ago | reply

      @nini: Yeah, it turned out pretty ok!

      @arezu: thanks!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    4. Thomas Milne 100 months ago | reply

      Ooh, those diagonal shots of the whatever-their-called things that hold up the bridge really make this stand out. Nice one!

    5. matthew.clifford 100 months ago | reply

      @Tom: Thanks! That was the point!

    6. CEDRICtus 100 months ago | reply

      Quick questions Matt:
      - do you use a tripod?
      - do you move or take all your shots from the very same place?
      - what kind of angle are you shooting at?

      The few I have produced were shot with an extra-wide angle point-and-shoot hold in my tiny hands with my both feet anchored in the ground in an attempt to have maximum consistency in the various shots.
      The result was that I was still experiencing slight depth differences and a tendancy to see lines curving when stiching everything together. Both elements are not seen on your compilations.
      Thanks for your answers

    7. matthew.clifford 100 months ago | reply

      @Cedric, To answer your questions:

      1. No tripod
      2. I plant my feet and try to only turn my body (ie: remain as stationary as possible)
      3. if you mean focal length, every photo in this one is at 85mm. I try to zoom in as much as possible to create as much overlap as possible. I often use my 50mm (which is 78ish effective on my crop body) to avoid accidentally changing the focal length (if it changes, the photos are way harder to line up).

      If I had to guess I'd say that your lines are curving because you're zoomed out on your wide angle. Most lenses distort when you zoom out to max, so maybe try zooming in a bunch more. Also? More photos == better. The more photos you layer the more any slight inconsistencies are covered up by the layering.

      Hope this helps!

    8. CEDRICtus 100 months ago | reply

      Thanks Matt for these explanations... I also tend too have too many pictures. But as you mentionned, using a very wide-angle (i.e. 23mm), it tends to create a distorsion. I will try next time with a shorter focal length.

    9. matthew.clifford 100 months ago | reply

      Too many photos isn't a bad thing, though. I usually take around 2x as many as I use. In my mind, it's better to have way too many than just a few not enough.

      Plus, it lets you pick and choose to some degree which ones you use. For example, this one is 56 images, but I took closer to 90.

    10. CEDRICtus 100 months ago | reply

      I tend to follow the same 1:2 ratio... It is then just a matter of selecting what brings something to the montage and what does not.

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