Dovahkiin "Dragonborn" (Explore'd)

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The sum total of three week's work brings this: My 1000th picture special.

Bethesda have always made games which inspire me, and most recently, it has been the epic Skyrim.

Here is my interpretation of the game's hero/villian - Dohvakiin - the Dragonborn.

I have tagged those who have inspired me with this piece.

Please enjoy!

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  1. .mclovin. 26 months ago | reply

    Thanks again everyone! :D

    No, I am not planning on making more, sorry :P And the chest piece is an AMA Jin-Roh Piece :)

  2. .mclovin. 25 months ago | reply

    Everyone, thank you all so much once again! :D

    I dont want to sounds like a fav-whore, but if I could just get nine more favourites, it would complete my life :D

  3. ChocoBricks Customs 25 months ago | reply

    I can't fave again. :(

  4. eclipseGrafx 25 months ago | reply

    I faved.....

    Again. :P So it dont count. :P

  5. ❒YY❒ [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

    If I could fave multiple times you'd have 1000 faves now chris :P

  6. .mclovin. 25 months ago | reply

    Thank you all SO much, just one favourite away from a milestone achievement! :D Please help me make it happen! :D

  7. TheRaconteur- 25 months ago | reply

    Trust me, if I could favourite as many times as I wanted, this photo would have 1 million faves.

  8. Aroŋ. 25 months ago | reply



  9. Aroŋ. 25 months ago | reply

    You didn't think I would actually do it, right?

    Come on, this is way too awesome to unfavourite ;)

  10. minifigmaker 25 months ago | reply

    Great Work! here is your 200th fav.

  11. .mclovin. 25 months ago | reply

    You sir, just made my day :D

  12. DoodInWite 24 months ago | reply

    Lvl. >9000 Dovahkiin: I have a daedric greatsword! wot do u have?
    Lvl. 1 Dovahkiin: Iron sword?!

  13. Dr. Burrito 24 months ago | reply

    How the heck did I not see this? This is fantastic!

  14. ~The Shuffling Skeleton~ 22 months ago | reply

    Its too detailed, you must of painted a giant lego man then shrunk em.

  15. Lᴇm0n. 22 months ago | reply

    What's the paint for the Armor and helmet?

  16. Sir.Steampunk 13 months ago | reply

    o_o im not the only one who says yus?? YUS

    Oh. My. God.


  17. bentleykevin18 6 months ago | reply

    Damn man your so good i wish u could make me some of those guys

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