Somali Lenses
Somali Lenses is a photographic exhibition focusing on the Somali refugee population that have been relocated to Columbia, South Carolina. The images in this exhibition, which came about as part of a master’s thesis work by Anthropology student Bridget McDonnell, came from photographs taken by the refugees themselves.

Somali Lenses is a cooperative effort between the refugees and McDonnell. Each family’s images
provide different and interesting takes on their new life and what they value as important in their homes. This exhibit explores diversity, yet it also portrays those values that are able to stretch across all cultural boundaries.


71 gatorboard-mounted photographic panels, ready to install ranging in size from 4 x 7” to
12 x 16.”

7 text panels (24" x 30")

Approximately 1000 square feet.

RENTAL FEE: $1000 for 8-12 week display


Currently available!
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