India - Ladakh TsoKar to TsoMoriri Trek Route Pics
This is meant as a blow-by-blow pictorial reference for the 6-day Tso Kar to Tso Moriri trek in ladakh.

The summary of the trek is as follows:

Day 1: drive from Leh
- pass over TaglangLa (5328m)
- arrive at Pongungu Campsite above Tso Kar (4575m).

Day 2: approx 4 hours
- follow rough jeep track around Tso Kar and up valley behind to Nuruchan nomad campside (4675m)

Day 3: approx 5 hours
- Steady climb over Horlam La (4945m) and descend back down and up the next valley to the Rajung Karu nomad campside (4925m)

Day 4: approx 6-7 hours
- Hardest day with 2 passes about 5400m
- Climb steady to Kyamuri La (5410m) and slow descent down into valley to Gyam Barma nomad settlement.
- Regain the altitude as you traverse out of the valley to Gyambarma La (5380m) which is somewhat steeper before dropped back down to camp (apprx 5140m). This will be your highest sleep.

Day 5: approx 6 hours
- Gradual climb up the windy valley to Yalang Nyau pass (5440m), your highest point.
- Be sure to climb the additional bit to the amazing lookout over Tso Moriri
- Long, steep descent to valley beside Tso Moriri and final camp near Karzok village (4550m)

Day 6: approx 7-8 hours
- sightsee Tso Moriri and Karzok village and then drive back to Leh along Indus River.

You can see further pics of the trek route within the set:
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