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Wall Mirrored

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While looking at minimalistic wallpapers, I found this wallpaper and an idea sparked in my head. Wouldn't it be cool to have desktop information "reflected" in the mirrors of the wallpaper? I thought so, especially since I hadn't previously seen something like this done.


What's In this Desktop:


- Link. What you see in the screen shot is a slightly modified version I did to accommodate for the task bar.



- Devine Icons-2



The invisible taskbar can be found here.



- 10-Foot HUD

- Simple Sentence for the weather temps and conditions.

- Lines for the RAM and CPU measures




Full-Size screen shot of the desktop.


I have this entire suite bundled in a Rainstaller file for easy installation! (Scaled to 1440x900) AND now since the amount of traffic I got to download this file, I have moved a fixed installer to a file hosting site:



If the Rainstaller doesn't work for you:

Then download the zip archive of the skins at the link below. Just copy the skins into the Rainmeter directory in My Documents and restart Rainmeter.



Have any comments, tips, or tweaks you think it could use? Let me know!

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Taken on June 5, 2011