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    My wife got me the latest generation Kindle Wifi for my birthday a bit early. I have been reading on an iPod touch or my iPhone for the last ~2 years for almost 90% of the novels and books that I read. I loved the convenience of being able to buy books online, not wait for shipping and not have to hold up a book and flip pages. After a while though I had grown tired of the fatigue caused by extended 'phone reading' and was envious of my wife's Kindle.

    Once the lowered the price to $139 it was too hard to pass up. I decided the 3G version really didn't do much for me since the device will remain at home 99% of the time and if/when I travel most hotels have wifi. Plus I'll have a load of books on the device already.

    So far I really really love it. I read way faster than on my phone and can read for longer at a time. It turns pages really quickly, the screen is really contrasty and looks good at any angle just like a piece of paper. It weighs almost nothing and is really comfortable to hold and use.

    UPDATE Jan 2013: I've since upgraded to the Kindle Paperwhite and will be posting a pic and review shortly

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    1. arnoldandremy 43 months ago | reply

      My wife loves her Kindle. They're pretty cool.

    2. Another Pint Please... 43 months ago | reply

      Nice! I love using the Kindle app on my iPad & Phone, but the Pad is too heavy for reading in bed and phone is too small unless I'm on the go...kudos for you reading off of it for so long! I keep hinting at wanting one. The whole "I can read it outside" and "it's light" arguments haven't worked yet, but I'm trying!

      I love having cookbooks on it. Recipes and food reading wherever you go!

      Oh, and as always Mike, great capture!

    3. mccun934 43 months ago | reply

      thanks! hadn't thought about the cookbook angle. will have to give that a try.

    4. monica justesen 43 months ago | reply

      i can't bring myself to get one of these. i love books too much, and i feel like if i ended up getting one, i would love it, and i just feel like that's a betrayal to my books! haha

    5. mccun934 43 months ago | reply

      i hear ya. I was totally one of those people who didn't want to give up real books but once I started using a Kindle ... I couldn't stop!

    6. © suomynona 43 months ago | reply

      My sister just bought the same one for my Dad after I talked him into wanting one. Happy to read the good review.

      In my opinion, the coolest thing about it is when it syncs with your other devices. Also, you can read the first chapter of most books now. A nice way to sample a book before buying based on a recommendation. Speaking of recs, I highly recommend the "The Girl With The" series. Due to the internet (and probably laziness) I hadn't read a book in around 15 years. Since I bought and loaded the Kindle app on the iPad, I went through those 3 books rather quickly. I like that they take very little space up -- so I can keep them there and read them again someday.

      Also, pretty cool shot. Like the wedding ring in the shot :)

    7. mccun934 43 months ago | reply

      I definitely have "The Girl" series in my mental queue of books to read right after I finish Gibson's latest that you see there on the page

    8. jason_crickmer 43 months ago | reply

      I bought myself the Nook for Father's Day, and I have read 5 or 6 books on it since. There is something to treasure in a physical book, but I have to say that the experience of actually reading is better on the Nook (and like devices, such as the Kindle). Has it made me read more? No. I actually play chess a lot more than I used to, though. ;)

      And the "Girl with the" series? It seems so popular, that I had to try "Dragon Tattoo". I read a chapter or two a week, which is about 1/5th the pace of my normal reading. Maybe it is just not my genre. Mike, if you like sci-fi, you may really like Iain Banks. Try "Feersum Endjin", "Matter", or "The Algebraist".

      Glad to hear that you are digging your Kindle! (And good photo!)

    9. mccun934 43 months ago | reply

      right on, thanks for the recommendations, always looking for new sci-fi. I recently tore through Scalzi's Old Man's War and a bunch of his other stuff, definitely recommend it.

    10. BBW: BB Wylie Walden 43 months ago | reply

      Very cool. I can't imagine reading on a phone for more than a short period of time, so happy almost birthday!

    11. tele_kat 42 months ago | reply

      Your pic is being used on the cover of a Kindle book!

      Free books for Kindle

      I also second the recommendation for Iain Banks btw - The Player of Games is a particular favourite of mine. I thought "The Girl with..." series had definitely had its moments but was also rather padded out with long stretches of not very much happening at all.

    12. Josh Sommers 42 months ago | reply

      Picked up one of these with 3g right before our trip to Maui too. I like it. Easier than lugging a book around.

    13. power slave 41 months ago | reply

      I just ordered me one of these, should be here tomorrow! Can't wait. Reading off the laptop makes me drowsy after a few minutes. Hopefully this should fix that.

    14. Mandi Ehman 38 months ago | reply

      Thank so much for making this available under Creative Commons. I used it in a post here: technology.yourway.net/why-the-139-kindle-is-enough/

    15. mccun934 38 months ago | reply

      glad you found a use for the photo.

    16. Brett Curry Photo 35 months ago | reply

      My Kindle is my best acquisition in the last 12 months period. Now I have my whole library with me at all times.

    17. mccun934 35 months ago | reply

      heh, we just went through our house and got rid of 2-300lbs of books that we don't need anymore

    18. alistairmg 30 months ago | reply

      Love this photo. Thanks for sharing - I used it in a post here: www.alistairgill.com/8-reasons-why-i-love-kindle/

      Let me know if the attribution is OK!

    19. mccun934 30 months ago | reply

      sure thing, glad you found a use for the photo, seems to be quite popular :)

    20. michaeldg1 5 months ago | reply

      Plan on using this photo on DeseretNews.com for a roundup story about Kindle's new Kindle Source program to get the e-readers into independent booksellers.

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