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Amazing Stories 1952-06

Amazing Stories

Volume 26 No. 6, June 1952

Cover art by Walter Popp

Edited by Howard Browne



Secret of the Black Planet - Milton Lesser

The Opposite Is Hell - Chester S. Geier

They Fly So High - Ross Rocklynne

Fifty Thousand Nuggets - Don Wilcox

Escape to Eternity - Henry Bott (as Charles Recour)

Master of the Universe (Part 3 of 8) - Author Unknown

Essay: From Out of the Ashes - Roy Small

Essay: The Plant That Wanted to Die - Merritt Linn

Essay: Lifeboat in Space - Tom Lynch

Essay: All We Need Is the Engine! - Jack Winter

Essay: Here's Mote in Your Eye! - by Peter Dakin

Essay: Meet Mr. Hotu - Jon Barry

Essay: The Arrow of Time - Frederic Booth

Essay: Language in a Vacuum - Ralph Cox

Essay: No Greater Discovery! - William Karney

Essay: The Club House - Rog Phillips

Essay: A Man Named Clarke - Lee Owen

Essay: The Eye Upstairs - June Lurie

Essay: Man and the Metal Mind - E. Bruce Yaches

Essay: The Root of Life? - Salem Lane

Essay: Food Is Where You Find It - Omar Booth

Essay: Big Baby - Leo Lewin

Essay: That Sounds Better! - Pete Boggs

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