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Lime Curd

Shot entirely on iPhone 4 in natural light, and mostly un-modified, aside from an editing pass through Final Cut Pro. Only two shots were blown up (because I foolishly shot them in portrait mode), no color correction or any other effects applied except the single text title on Shot 2. (Of course Flickr has added a layer of compression when I uploaded it here, so it doesn't look as good as it could.)


I was going to edit it on the iPhone as well, but trimming 7- and 15-minute-long clips was tedious enough that I abandoned the idea. Perhaps next time when I remember to film in tight, concise clips.


Things I learned while doing this:


- iPhone 4 shoots at roughly 30fps, but the real rate seems to vary wildly. I got as low as 24, and I don't think any of the clips were exactly 30.

- iPhone 4 does apply orientation to the video, so no matter which way you hold the phone, it will remember which was was up on your final video, landscape or portrait.

- Yes, you can tap-to-focus, but it also tries to refocus on its own if it thinks too much of the frame is out of focus.

- iPhone 4 saves the video as roughly 10.5 Mbps H.264, and embeds a geotag in the video file as well.

- Exporting the final video with the "AppleTV" preset from QuickTime works great if your 1280x720 video is at 24 fps. Anything above that and it dumps down to 960x540.


Lime curd recipe here, just substitute limes for lemons.

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Uploaded on July 3, 2010