Google map of London with Flickr shape data overlaid

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    Flickr place info now includes shape data for many places. See

    We've correlated most of Dopplr's places with Yahoo WOE IDs using Flickr's reverse geocoder, so we can use this data too. As an experiment, I wrote some clientside code to overlay this shape data onto the maps we use on Dopplr. Help yourself to the code if you want it:

    1. Tom T 66 months ago | reply

      Good work Matt... I had a poke around with the code and plotted out some of the neighbourhoods near where I live in east Hackney.

    2. straup 66 months ago | reply

      Someone remind me why we can't favourite comments yet...

    3. antimega 66 months ago | reply

      mattb++ & tomt++

      Now if someone could automate using WOE neighbors... ;)

    4. Tom T 66 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'm on it :)

    5. Tom T 66 months ago | reply

      There you go. It's a bit of a work in progress, but for certain places it works quite well.

      I've discovered quite a lot about the limitations of the WOE database, namely, the neighbour results aren't very good.

    6. straup 66 months ago | reply

      tomt - Lovely! What are you using to fetch the list of neighbourhoods? Poking around a few known places I'd expect more shapes returned by the flickr.places.getChildrenWithPhotosPublic method.

      But yes, many shapes will be straight-up weird for the near-term. Our hope is that as the people become aware of the data and visualizations like yours they will start to tidy things up using corrections.

    7. Tom T 66 months ago | reply

      I need to write it up and fix some of the bugs, but basically I'm using Yahoo GeoPlanet to find neighbours.

      For London, the shapes seem pretty good, it's the neighbours results which are a bit weird sometimes.

    8. trumpetflickr 66 months ago | reply

      Very cool potential!

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