human world peace

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i hate people who carry around the peace hand bags with the platinum blonde hair and the crazy answer they always give at every beauty pagent to the question what matters most to you "World Peace"

you have to really want it to make it happen

88 explore :]

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  1. Ge_off16 70 months ago | reply

    peace! haha. great idea

    seen on explore

  2. Aimie182 70 months ago | reply

    does it mean fuck you human world peace? cos that's no peace sign :P

    love it :D

  3. Yvonne Christina 70 months ago | reply

    That must have sucked to wash off.

  4. cheesySOPH 70 months ago | reply

    love it......great shot

  5. joannabranson 70 months ago | reply

    this is awesome

  6. Farrah Jones Photography 70 months ago | reply

    this is nifty dude.
    and i agree with you on the peace thing.
    its not supposed to be some trend.

  7. danya. 70 months ago | reply

    did i love that?


    did i favorite it?

    of course :]

  8. Sabrina Banta [deleted] 70 months ago | reply


  9. sophie pellegrini 70 months ago | reply

    so true, i agree. cool idea.

  10. katrín. 69 months ago | reply

    I agree.
    clear blue an green, so pretty.

  11. Joshua Nunn 68 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Peoples Group of Professional Amateurism, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  12. Revolutionxbaby 68 months ago | reply

    I agree with you completly,
    those people who only care about peace because its 'in'.
    I love this.
    Beautiful colours and detail.

  13. Beetay 67 months ago | reply

    Love this.

  14. morgan«king 59 months ago | reply

    i love the message behind this. all of your pictures are incredibly creative. i love them(:

  15. Beetay 59 months ago | reply

    Love love love this and the colours

  16. lucymac 56 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing this photo. I've used it, with credit and a link, to illustrate a positive quote at Positive Attitude Quotes.

  17. boyonherbike 55 months ago | reply

    THANK you for doing this because you care about it,
    not because it's a trend or just a cute thing

  18. alabasteralabaster 48 months ago | reply

    hate is not peaceful ;)

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