EV Range Extender - "Range Anxiety Eliminator" and/or "EV Rescue Trailer"
Working on a "Somewhat" portable range extender, or emergency recharge pack. In theory, one could take the "Range Extender" with them, in the event they are having main traction pack issues, IE: End of Life, or taking a trip just outside the normal range of the EV. Or, if you get in a bind, this unit could be brought to a disabled EV, and feed it's energy into the main pack, to allow for a few more miles in order to get the EV home or to a plugin.

The 3000watt DC/DC Upconverter is from:


I plan to install a 120 vac power inverter as well, in order to use the trailer as a power source for Electronics at Car Shows, Power Outages, etc.

When used to feed power to the EV's main traction pack, there will also be the option to feed energy to the EV's Aux 12 volt battery system, if it's low on power also.

Think of this EV Range Extender, as an Emergency Tool, similar to having someone bring you a gallon of gasoline, but in this case, it's Energy for your EV's Traction Pack.

Update: 04/17/2010

Finally wired in a plug on the E-Celica, so I could drive with the E-Extender wired into the main traction pack. Drove around for 6 miles, started out at 130vdc, and it would rapidly go above this if at a stop light for long. Even when I finished driving around for the test run, it was still climbing above 130vdc when I arrived home. The DC/DC Converter inside the E-Trailer was merely luke warm. So far, I'm impressed/happy with the results.
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