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Electric Turbo Boost | by SciFi Geek
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Electric Turbo Boost

OK, Here goes another crazy experiment. I just installed a 4" inline electric blower between the PT Cruiser's air filter and intake. This blower comes on with the ignition key, at the same time the HHO Generator comes on.


I'm hoping for some increase in performance/mpg with the blower, at least with city driving. I suspect that at highway rpm's, the cfm consumption of air, probably surpasses the input of the fan/blower which is rated at 240cfm.


I don't have a clue to how much CFM the PTCruiser's 2.4L engine uses under load or rpm range. Had an extra blower, and felt it would be interesting to try it out in this application/experiment.


I have seen however commercial electric turbos on the market which were similar in concept, so unless they were totally snake oil, this might actually do some good. At the very least, it might make the air swirl, like a vortex as it enters the intake and cylinders....... lol


Here's a link to a commercial unit that produces 250 cfm, and a short excerpt from it's description:


"A stock turbo from an Audi 1.8T produces 400CFM. Adding the electric supercharger will produce more then half of the power than a stock Audi 1.8T turbo would. There is need to do any modifications to your engine at all. 250CFM of forced air can also be compared to a 15-25 shot of Nitrous."


The inline blower that I'm using is only $20.00 from Overton's.


9/11/2008 Update:

OK, it looks like I gainied about 2miles extra per gallon of gasoline, at least in the few days worth of driving that I have done so far. A day worth of driving is roughly around 100 miles max, with 8 to 15 miles of that being city driving. I'll keep it installed, since it's at least not making the mileage worse. Nothing to do cartwheels over, but at least it's something on the + side of the fence.


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Taken on September 7, 2008