Mazzali: "Domino" bed / il letto "Domino" . Bedroom area

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Romantic atmosphere for Domino bed.
"Sand of Gobi" colour, water paint.

100% made in Italy


headboard: multilayer veneered with fabric or leather
structure: multilayer veneered

oak and cherry


wood from well managed forest, low impact and low emission finishing


Il letto Domino .
Finitura all'acqua "Sabbia dei Gobi

Testata: multistrato
Struttura: multistrato
Contenitore: listellare

rovere e ciliegio

Laccato 100% acqua, Rovere all’acqua, Decapè, Olio vegetale


Legno a riforestazione programmata; vernici a bassa emissione di solvente., lieblingx, and 321 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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  2. orangetuwie 69 months ago | reply

    the light here is amazing!

  3. dollface* 69 months ago | reply

    I love this room. Everything white. Just how I like it. Nice and simple.

  4. frida!!! AWAY 68 months ago | reply

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    From Interior Design Group

  5. leeterri 66 months ago | reply

    so beautiful!

  6. i . /✪\LEEM 64 months ago | reply

    lovely setting!!!!

  7. spramote 64 months ago | reply

    White Bed in White Room..... So Romantic

  8. rockinhillbilly 63 months ago | reply

    So light and airy. VERY romantic!

  9. melcir.meri 63 months ago | reply

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  14. Avant-Gardenist 56 months ago | reply

    i love you just the way you are, please come h ♥ m e

  15. dominiquejanssens01 50 months ago | reply

    I'm Dominique from Bruges (Belgium) wonderful atmosphere, I used your pictures for one of my poems

    whirling pale I lay on my bed
    I rest on the sheets
    clear fresh cotton

    my hear spread round my head
    my eyes are glowing softly
    my hands rest on my basin

    shrill sunlight glimps through the window
    I think about France
    the beautiful journey I made

    my steps bring me to Mozart
    I see the beautiful nature
    Languedoc, the domain of "les Cathares"

    Dominique Janssens

  16. ardecointerior 49 months ago | reply

    Loved your photo! We would love to have you with us, join ArDeco Ideas and add your image.

  17. WOOWAAAA [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    so good!!

  18. Inspire me 365 47 months ago | reply

    nice light and atmosphere! beautiful photo!

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  20. dzhingarov 8 months ago | reply

    I used your photo at my blog post - PERFECT BEDROOM FOR A NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE. I gave credit to your flickr profile. I hope the way I gave you credit is fine for you.

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