• One of the BEST(!) 35mm cameras from the 90s. - Sepia Prince


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Long live film Nikons! If you used to shoot film, and stopped, or have never used it, you should give it a try. It looks great, the cameras have never been cheaper, film and processing are still widely available, and it's fun! Just beware of film camera addiction. The older cameras are so much cooler than any of the modern plastic fantastics.


Strobist info: SB-600 below camera, on synch cord through homemade softbox at full power, 285HV at camera left, bounced off ceiling, triggered with optical slave. 55mm f3.5 micro Nikkor at f8.

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  1. Tommy Bass 52 months ago | reply

    Long live film!!!!!

  2. mazdamattc 52 months ago | reply

    linophilippe: Yes, good dreams.

    edwardowe: Thanks!

    G Garibay: Thanks! Yes, you should try it.

    Lalonde-Woods: Have fun with it. The F4 is awesome.

    Ms. Art Teacher: Sorry about the envy...

    instant satisfaction: Thanks. It keeps growing!

    gauchocat: No chiropractor. They scare me.

    Tommy Bass: I second that! Long live film indeed!

  3. DavidAppL 51 months ago | reply

    I just love the F3!

  4. John Laughlin Photography 49 months ago | reply

    Matt, good to see that someone else likes the Emerald Edition Grippers combined with a black Nikon body. I pretty much bought up every single green Gripper I could find at Kenmore Camera back when they were phasing that version out. Currently have one on my F2A, my F3P, and my F4. My FM2n has the beige Gripper, and my F FTn has the older wide Gripper in black with brass hardware. My Nikomat FTn has the neveready case on it with leather strap. Lastly, but not least, the FT2 will receive my last green Gripper.

    Anyway, cool shot, and thanks for the idea for a shot... May have to do something similar to show my NAS...

  5. Martintoy 46 months ago | reply

    LOL! Hope youdont have a neckache, I would not carry ALL my cameras

    Visto en una discusión del grupo "Nikon Film Cameras" (Yo también quiero esto)

  6. Colin Jacobs 45 months ago | reply

    Do I smell 2 F4's?

  7. Colin Jacobs 45 months ago | reply

    oh, nope I don't

  8. dsevilla 44 months ago | reply

    haha, I also have quite a few... not so many, though... :)

  9. François Thomas 41 months ago | reply

    I bet you worship SHIVA !

  10. mazdamattc 41 months ago | reply

    A few extra arms wouldn't hurt!

  11. [- - -] 35 months ago | reply

    Very nice collection! Ithink I envy you one of the first Fs ;)

  12. witchbitch666 32 months ago | reply

    marry me marry me marry me marry me marry me marry me marry me

  13. jeyku 31 months ago | reply


  14. Brezelmännchen 26 months ago | reply

    Great setup! You are right when you they the "old" are way much cooler than the DSLR s and I was going out last week with my black FA and the 50mm f1,2 but the really uncool think is,that I first had to buy a -quite expensive film-,put it in quite laborious-have done this operation years ago for the last time-and after taken 36 pics the film was fulll-spooling back,get it out,had to bring it to the photoshop,had to wait a few days,had to pay again for only some paperpictures I could not put into the internet.......great fealing to shoot with but not modern anymore :-(

  15. mmradman 20 months ago | reply

    Couldn't agree more, my latest acquisition F2 with DE-1 meterless prism.

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