Need some sleep

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  1. Mayr 99 months ago

    Thanks. Everything is where it should be except for the fact that I'm sprawled on the kitchen countertop, when I should be in bed. Heh.

  2. NateLove 99 months ago

    You cant go wrong with black and white, i like the eyes.

  3. JWas 99 months ago

    Some photos just have feel.

    Like this one. And I like it. : )

  4. Matilde B. 99 months ago

    Beautiful Mary, beautiful shot, beautiful dof, beautiful, juxt beautiful.

  5. Mayr 99 months ago

    Thank you all. I'm really flattered, both as the photographer and as the subject. Thanks, sincerely.

  6. Robbie Kennedy (Expresbro) 97 months ago

    Just came across this shot in the D80 50mm 1.8 thread. It's a really stunning portrait and it really does show what this lens can do (in the right hands of course).

    Gonna have to get me one ..soon :-)

  7. 97 months ago

    Stunning Shallow Depth

  8. melancholik 95 months ago

    Beautiful, well framed, and a great light.

  9. bilder2blogg 95 months ago

    A nice picture!

    I used it as an illustration to an article: Hur mycket behöver man sova? (in swedish) about sleep.

    Thanks for using creative commons!

  10. Fiori 94 months ago

    This is very nice. I just saw it in wikihow!

  11. vingt_deux 94 months ago

    what. beautiful. eyelids.

  12. simcah [deleted] 88 months ago

    Wow, this shot has really gotten around! I just saw it in an article featured on the

    Good work!

  13. Mayr 88 months ago

    Thank you all very much for the comments and links and, Victor, for that lovely collaboration of art. I deeply appreciate it and you all.

  14. valentino * 87 months ago

    bella fotografia

  15. galuma 87 months ago

    Nice DOF.

  16. Salon de Maria 84 months ago

    Gorgeous photo! I've used it in a beauty sleep blog post.

  17. myillusion 83 months ago

    And HERE in Germany :)

  18. EcoSalon1 79 months ago

    Hi, I'm Allison and I'm an assistant editor at I love your images and I just wanted to let you know we used Need Some Sleep in this post: If you check it out, you'll see your attribution and link, of course! ;) Thanks so much - and have a great one. Cheers!

  19. .btezra [deleted] 53 months ago

    spot on.

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