#015 clownfish (カクレクマノミ)

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    East China Sea
    Kayauchi Banta, near northern tip of the Okinawa main island

    My first "fav>5%" photo! Also, the only one to meet the "5 favorites" minimum requirement. Roughly one in 10 viewers marks it as a favorite.

    The Nemo that everyone knows is hanging from my travel day pack. (See thumbnail below.) He never fails to draw kids' attention in airports around the world.

    • カクレクマノミ(kakure kumanomi) = "Nemo, clownfish, orange anemonefish" (Amphiprion ocellaris)

    This photo is from a trip for which wI posted my numbers on line.

    Bottom time: 41 minutes
    Depth: 39.9 m max.; 16.7 m avg.

    I can't tell from the lighting because the water was crystal clear, permitting no-flash shots at the bottom. (Very deceiving, but I've learned to watch my dive computer and gauges.) But I'd say around 10 m, between my second decompression stop and the safety stop. Note that it was a boat dive with no rocks close between the two.

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    3. Leela.a ages ago | reply

      Wow, so beautiful!! Favorited.

    4. Lou Rouge ages ago | reply

      Really nice!

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    6. Nemo's great uncle ages ago | reply

      @digipub: Finding Nemoではその動きを見事に捕らえていたので、感動しました。

    7. aolima ages ago | reply

      I like and I have a creation !

    8. festeban ages ago | reply

      Really good!

    9. Nemo's great uncle ages ago | reply

      In eight months, I've uploaded over 4000 photos, but so far only this one has made the "interestingness" listings.

      Maybe I should follow others' leads and spam all the groups that I can find. NOT!

      Update: Since January, there's a second.
      #005 Paul at Corsair
      Before anyone asks: over 30 m deep

    10. he who shall ages ago | reply

      Cool shot. How deep were you?

    11. Nemo's great uncle ages ago | reply

      @robzpics: You're in luck. See data above.

    12. Spitzgogo_CHEN (Nokia 6230i) ages ago | reply

      Nemo's great uncle, you look so beautiful under the sea!

    13. Nemo's great uncle ages ago | reply

      The truth is out! Hinderik spotted my big brother's giant sister.

      Very timely because September dawned rainy in Tokyo.

      Not to worry. I'm off to Hawaii tonight!

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      @yui.kubo: Be my guest. Thank you for providing proper links back to my photos.

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