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F_DSC8080-冠羽畫眉-Formosa Yuhina-Taiwan Yuhina-Yuhina brunneiceps-鳥-Bird-狀元紅-Pyracantha koidzumii-雨珠-Raindrops-散景-Bokeh-杉林溪-Sunlinksea-南投縣-Nantou County-台灣-Taiwan-中華民國-Rep of China-Nikon D90-Nikkor 70-200mm

What are groups?

Flickr groups are where people of like minds get together to form a... well, a group. These can be centered around interests (Extreme Knitting, Judy Garland Memorabilia), regions (Vancouver, Deep South), or anything else really. Each has its own homepage and discussion board.

For more on groups, see our Groups FAQs.