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Golden Gate Bridge - California

Originally I had a plan to do some extra long night exposures on film, but yet again... A boat blocked my view. The moon was two days away from being full, and the weather was nice and warm, so I wanted to try something new while the conditions were nice. Trying to stay away from the usual subjects, I remembered a spot out on the Marin coast that I've been meaning to get to.

As I made my way through Sausalito I noticed that San Francisco was not visible, but the moon was.... Fog? I can't pass that up.... As I drove up through the tunnel just before the Golden Gate, a giant flash lit the sky! Fog? Moon? Lightning? Nahhhhh..... It can't be. I came through the tunnel, and snaked my way up through the Marin Headlands. I could see the tops of both towers and more lightning! When I reached the high point I jumped out, setup, and watched as the lightning lit the bay and fog. I noticed that most of the lightning was about 40 miles south east of San Francisco, so I zoomed into the South tower, and composed as much sky as I could without making the composition look bad.

Having never shot lightning before (because its rare here) I had no clue what would be the best settings to capture this sight. With the bright moon above, I decided to stop down and stay at ISO 50. With these settings I knew I could keep the shutter open for a few minutes, greatly increasing my chances of getting something.

Though I had a chance to see about 10 strikes throughout the bay, this is the only image I came away with that featured the bridge, fog, lightning, and the bright glow of the moon. There is no digital trickery here.... What you see is what it was. The long exposure enabled me to capture two strikes, and the moon lit the fog blanket perfectly. I find it interesting that the tower ended up almost centered between the lightning strikes, but I guess it was simply luck. The lights off in the distance are soft due to the fog that covered and uncovered them throughout the 3 minute exposure.

***** I've tried over and over to correct the digital banding with this jpeg, but it seems it is a due to the compression that Flickr applies during uploading. The final print tiff file shows zero signs of banding*****

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  1. phuonglannu_nguyencasner 11 months ago | reply

    It's sooooo....o beautiful !!!

  2. Furkan Kaan yüksek 11 months ago | reply

    İmposible, that's best.

  3. Gcon3 11 months ago | reply

    How'd you get up there

  4. obledsundanese 10 months ago | reply

    woooooooooooooooooowwww....... it`s expensive moment

  5. duykgbn 10 months ago | reply

    Thor was here

  6. daveluke69 9 months ago | reply

    Rrettytythhyhyuyjyhyyhyhyhyh存儲哥哥但是的地方如果 v放假hü韓庚韓庚和gü廣泛很高姐姐交教家幾將交後很過個給分出哥的他讓給給予

  7. clay.wells 9 months ago | reply

    Dammit. I'm just gonna go throw all my gear in the trash can now.

  8. Deltoro777 8 months ago | reply

    What a beautiful photo! Amazing!

  9. ssebettaharold 7 months ago | reply

    i really want to take a photo of lightning one day

  10. Onurah Art 6 months ago | reply


  11. frankcamilo2276 [deleted] 6 months ago | reply

    excelente pictures!!

  12. ClaDae 3 months ago | reply

    Such a delightful image. Congrats!

  13. Robgreen13 3 weeks ago | reply

    Magical image

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