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Cascade | by maxxsmart
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Forging facility - Berkeley California


I think I have passed by this building over a 1000 times over the years. For the past 2 I have been wanting to spend a little time photographing it under different conditions. Finally a few weeks ago I took the time to walk around a little and figure out the best angles for the confusing lines, and light.


When passing by on the slightly elevated section of freeway (just behind the camera) the perspective is perfect. Nice lines, shadows, and light, but there is no place to legally set up. I am no stranger to finding my way into places that are not necessarily "legal" but standing on one of the Bay Area's most busy freeways in the middle of a weekday is not going to happen. I am sure officers Baker and Poncherello would have put the kibosh on that one in a heartbeat. Anyway... After I walked around and made a few test images, I went on my way.


Now, a few weeks later, I returned with a little more time and knowledge of the area. I found a small section of sidewalk (more like weeds and dirt) setup and made a few long and short exposures. There are a few issues with this subject that were difficult to overcome. The 12,000lb steam hammer inside the building cycles about every 30-45 seconds. Not really a big deal, but it does exert enough pressure to shake the ground, and camera a couple of hundred yards away. After watching the timing of the shake, I finally found a rhythm to the hammer, and made the exposures that I came for. After a making a few long exposures, I switched over to capture some fast shutter exposures. All was great until I was done with the quick exposures and wanted to finish off my roll of film with a couple more longer times. Just as I was switching over I was confronted, yes "confronted" by a nice gentleman that said that I was causing some concern inside the facility. Long story short.... I was being photographed ( as I sarcastically waved at the cellphone camera) and a few words of "national security" were tossed around. Now I understand that industry is a key part of our nation ( at least at one time it was before it was sold off and sent overseas), but tool making and national security? Hmmmm. Because of the "discussion" between the nice gentleman and myself, I forgot to move the lens back to the proper B setting that was needed to properly expose. Basically I ended up with 8 usable frames out of a 12 frame roll.


Thanks for the read, views, and comments.


Camera -Hasselblad 500 C/M

Lens - 80mm f/2.8 @ f/16

Exposure - 25 seconds

Film - Kodak TMAX 100

ISO - 100 (exposed at ISO 50)

Developed with Kodak HC- 110 (H) - 11 minutes using a 15 second every 2 minute agitation cycle.

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Taken on July 21, 2011