Bee Beard 2

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    ... and who-said-the-English-were-eccentric? #2. Ever since that classic photo of Snelgrove with a bee beard on the front cover of his 1934 book, people have been trying to do better. The Guiness World Record was set in California in 1998 with 350,000 yellow bees weighing 39.7 kg! This photo (courtesy Michael Maloney) was the latest UK attempt by Philip McCabe who 'only' managed to attract 27kg of British black bees before giving up when his feet went to sleep!

    He was raising money for Bees for Development and the Irish Charity Bóthar both of which sponsor beekeeping projects in developing countries.

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    1. C@L 113 months ago | reply

      OH . . . . . MY . . . !!!!!!

    2. Chrissie2003 113 months ago | reply

      YIKES ! That would tickle, I would have to move.

    3. Pensiero 113 months ago | reply

      Removed from 42 Group Pool. I don't see any relation with 42 number. Sorry of that.

    4. Crfullmoon 113 months ago | reply

      Eau d'Nasanov? [My something new for the day!]

      "The fragrance no one should wear!"

      (Want to break out in hives?)

    5. Max xx 113 months ago | reply

      nice one CR ;-) and a somewhat different effect from that supposedly triggered in the opposite sex by the armpit pheromone extract in the Calvin-Klein bio-scent!
      @Pensiero - sorry about that I must have hit the wrong button - H2G2 fan though I am I see no connection either

    6. hadashi05 109 months ago | reply

      But because you inadvertently posted your picture to '42', I got to view it, thereby proving that the universe moves in mysterious ways and that there ISsome sort of connection (maybe).

    7. Max xx 109 months ago | reply

      oops! sorry hadashi, don't know how that happened. However I'm sure Douglous Adams would have appreciated it... make mine a pan-galactic gargleblaster ;-)

    8. LE POULAILLER 107 months ago | reply

      an artistic performer !-)
      (le lien "Irish Charity Bóthar" ne fonctionne plus...)

    9. Max xx 107 months ago | reply

      Oui, merci - son projet doit être terminé - si tu veux voir Bóthar - c'est ici

    10. dogfaceboy 107 months ago | reply

      How many stingers did he get? I hope none in his own, er, stinger, because ouch.

    11. Max xx 107 months ago | reply

      apparently none but yes - ouch! - I think he was well protected

    12. palegreenmoth 105 months ago | reply

      Is he crazy!!! I love insects but there is no way I could do that... brave, brave soul

    13. Coal and Ice 104 months ago | reply


    14. nollaigdepaor 97 months ago | reply

      This is not a mad Englishman, but maybe just mad. Hi is Philip Mc Cabe and is the P.R.O. of the Federation of Irish Beekeepers. He shed himself of the bees by removing the caged queen and jumping suddenly on the ground. I have been told he recieved three stings while sheding the bees.

    15. Sint-Katelijne-Waver 72 months ago | reply

      nice outfit for going out !

    16. net_efekt 44 months ago | reply

      Yup. The CHinese are going for it too.

      Have you seen:

      Seems there's even going to be a website about this odd 'sport' (site not launched yet)

    17. elishabrowns 11 months ago | reply

      That is amazing.Is that a swarm on the guy?If that is thats a beekeepers DREAM!

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