A swarm in May ...

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    ... is worth a load of hay. This year's superb April has brought me a wonderful crop of other people's swarms - this one I collected yesterday is the 4th this spring.

    1. noblevmy 72 months ago | reply

      Great! Realy mis it.

    2. *CA* 72 months ago | reply

      I'm trying to guess how much that weighs. Awesome.

    3. Devious Desperado 72 months ago | reply

      WOW, awesome shot. Almost makes me want a cup of tea with some honey.

    4. Max xx 72 months ago | reply

      @CA -not huge but enough to fill a 5-frame nucleus
      @DD - great. go and drink some - pop over and get some of my honey ;-)

    5. jo jo lotus 72 months ago | reply

      what a beautiful sight. i think they need a bee condo.

    6. ccomley 72 months ago | reply

      So *that*'s where all the bees have gone! :-) Looks like this lot like cherries. Tricky getting them to come home with you with taht chicken wire? Sign me up for the honey...

    7. girlguyed 72 months ago | reply

      they look very organized :~)

    8. Max xx 72 months ago | reply

      hey girlguyed - yes , unlike me! - btw, en masse has got an e at the end!, French is supposed to be an official Canadian language - I changed your tag ;-)

    9. Chrisser 47 months ago | reply

      Definitely a big swarm of bees for sure, Max. Glad I don't get swarms of bees like that around here - I get nests of wasps, but not swarms of bees. And in my part of the world, some people have beehives full of honeybees.

    10. lisascenic 47 months ago | reply

      Actually, this is a very normal, un-frightening thing, that wherever there are honeybees.

      There are certainly swarms like this, all over Canada, every single spring. And it's a good thing, too! This is the natural way that honeybees reproduce their colonies.

    11. Max xx 47 months ago | reply

      er, yes Lisascenic, I think I'm aware of that! ;-)

    12. lisascenic 47 months ago | reply

      One of your commenters was leaving bees-are-deadly messages on my swarm photos, and I noticed the same on yours. Sorry. I can delete my comments if you wish.

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