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FREE DOLLS? Read Below...

FREE DOLLS, you say? I started my MAWPHOTO account on Flickr in 2005 and have been lucky to connect with 1,985 Flickr friends. However, I only just launched this year, on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest, and as you can see from these numbers listed below, my followers/likes/friends on THOSE accounts are dismally low. Sadly, FLICKR doesn't allow any mass automated invite to migrate all my contacts over to competing social networking platforms, and I have no desire to get carpal tunnel individually inviting everyone to those other networks. Instead, I've decide to reward all of my friends on every network with a free drawing for free dolls and related gifts (as I sift through my dolls in storage and decide which are available for adoption to new homes, including some NRFB).


1985 Flickr

178 Facebook

39 Instagram

17 Twitter

14 Pinterest






FOLLOW me on TWITTER!/MyLifeIsPlastic

***Please note that this uses "is" instead of "in" because my first choice was already taken***


FOLLOW me on INSTAGRAM on your mobile phone


OR FOLLOW me on WEBSTAGRAM on your computer




FOLLOW me on Pinterest



If you ALREADY have done ANY or ALL of these, you are ALREADY ENTERED TO WIN!

That gives you a sum total of 5 entries, depending on what platforms you use.


But how can I increase my odds, you may ask? SIMPLE AGAIN:


FACEBOOK: Like any Wallpost or Photo or Album; Share any Photo

TWITTER: Hashtag me #MyLifeIsPlastic to give me a shout-out and help me get "trendy"; Favorite any of my tweets or twitpics; Retweet any post

INSTAGRAM: Like any image

FLICKR: Favorite any image

PINTEREST: Like or Re-pin any image




Since I do not want to solicit a flood of bland comments, I'd prefer that you do NOT COMMENT unless you genuinely WANT to and have something to say. I welcome comments from the heart but I won't count any comments as entries because I don't want to encourage needless comments to crowd out the photos. Marking photos and posts and tweets as FAVORITES doesn't create any extra clutter and I'd like to keep the commentary organic, to have it arise from people who are sincerely moved to give feedback on a photo that strikes their fancy.


Also, do not email or message me (Flickr/Facebook) or "@reply" (Twitter) unless you really have something to communicate with me--I won't count those as entries either. I welcome friendly engagement (that's what makes this a "social" networking platform) but can't respond to hundreds of messages.




Lastly, there will be certain BIG giveaways that will only become available once I reach a certain high watermark number of friends/followers. For example, I'm hoping for my Facebook friend list and Twitter followers, especially, to reach 1,000 to 2,000 (since that's what I have on Flickr). I'll announce those prizes later, but the point of this is to encourage you to recommend me to your doll collector friends. I know some people will think they have a BETTER chance of winning a prize if FEWER people are entered to win. However, the BEST prizes will be announced once I actually have a LARGER total number of Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers. So it works in your favor to invite your fellow collectors to join our network.




Remember, Connect/Friend/Follow and then Favorite, Retweet and Share my posts, tweets and photos.

However, I will not count comments, emails or messages as additional entries.


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Uploaded on May 15, 2012