MAD KEN tribute to Golden Globe Winner MAD MEN

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This is an early sneak preview of my MAD DOLLS feature for the upcoming March/April 2010 issue of Haute Doll Magazine ( featuring fashions by Natalia Sheppard, Diorama and miniature furniture by Carolyn Allen, and Barbie repaints by Vin Trapani. This is a vintage painted-hair Ken head on a VOLKS articulated body wearing the vintage Ken fashion Saturday Date by Mattel. (Keywords: Mad Men Madmen Ken doll Jon Hamm Don Draper)

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  1. More2view 52 months ago

    May I blog this CM? http:/

  2. 52 months ago

    Yes, be my guest, just please credit photo by Michael Williams ( for Haute Doll Magazine, with furniture by Carolyn Allen,

  3. More2view 52 months ago

    absolutely, the heighth of cool! CM

  4. dawsondigsdolls 51 months ago

    I love this photo. It's just fantastic!

  5. vintagemimosa 51 months ago

    This is JUST something, go Ken GO!

  6. Unconscious Beauty 51 months ago

    Wow, this shot is awesome! I can't wait to see your other photos!

  7. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 50 months ago

    Excellent Picture Mawphoto! I love Mad Men and I love this mood shot! I also like your Icon! I had one of those! =-)

    I can't wait till the show is back on! Vintage Barbie has done a few guest shots on Mad Men as Sally's Doll but Sally seems more of a Tammy girl to me! Anyways seems when ever Sally is upset over something or her Mom wants her to do something she gets a Barbie!

    Interesting Trivia Tidbit that folks can make of what they will! Sally's last Barbie ended up thrown out the window and her dad Don found it and put it back on her dresser scaring the bejesus out of her! She got it into her head that her new born brother Eugene put the doll there! Eugene was named after their Grandfather who passed away and sleeps in Gramps old room as well! Thus making her scared of her Brother! As I said I love this show and try to catch every episode.

  8. tornadowitch 50 months ago

    thanks for all the great trivia, curiousRR! love it.

    mr. mawphoto, i never tire of this one! (=
    it's beyond perfect.

  9. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 50 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed my load of info, Tornadowitch! Every once in a while I just give out a load of useless or obscure information! I should go work for wikipedia!LOL =-)

  10. "Old Bear" 49 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Toad's Toy Trophies - invited pictures only, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Very striking work - love it! : )

    Seen in the group"Dollie Tableaux " (?)

  11. CuriousRetroRebel [deleted] 48 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Posh Dolls, Glamour For Fashion Dolls, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  12. Sea Adventurer 1965 45 months ago

    LOL!!! Awesome!!! :)

    BTW, is there a tutorial on how to adapt the original heads to Volks? I think most of us would love to learn how to give the classic versions better bodies. :)

  13. tornadowitch 45 months ago

    yes! i second what jeffL (1965) said. (:

  14. 45 months ago

    Maybe when I've unpacked my 80 boxes (!?!) after my move this Sunday (too much of it mostly DOLLS and diorama furniture/props!)...still have to clean the kitchen and oven (sigh)...

  15. tornadowitch 45 months ago

    good luck with your move!
    =( moving is always hell )= ) =

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