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A Backroad To...

Processed by: mavenimagery Lab, Universal Studios, Californa.

HDR PROCESSED with IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology)

IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology and MavenFilters are products of mavenimagery Labs Innovation)


In Photomatix’s HDR Viewer:

You read this:: The HDR image is in an unprocessed state. Standard monitors cannot directly display the large information available in an unprocessed HDR image.

You see:magic; as the eye see image compressed in that little, pathetic window. Like peeping through a keyhole, having a less than a half-eye of a Goddess. Cleopatra. Venus. A sweeping vista or an Enchanted Forest...

You think: desperately, “Is there a way of copying; transferring this image without tone mapping? Like Apollo trying to have Aphrodite.

You feel: cheated. Helpless...because the technology to make this possible is awailable.

I say: how about if could enlarge that window, say, 1024 X 640 pixel and almost 80% of what you see now?


In early 2006, in a small studio in West Hollywood, these were the thoughts teeming in our minds. You'll get to know the team, soon.


But, I didn't leave this just as a thought...

This image is a prelude to the above mentioned 80% larger than that miserable, teasing window.


Coming soon: The born of IRET ((Iris Range Enhancement Technology) and the 80% Highly Glorious Range Window! I'm looking at it right now, and hope you, too, soon!


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Taken on December 29, 2010