week sixty-four

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    3191 Miles Apart

    Tell me, what does Sunday mean to you?

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    1. stephaniecb 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are for family, unplugging (yet here i am), being outside, games, doing nothing guilt-free, eating and drinking well, noticing.

    2. dite lulu 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are often improvised but the best things is a breakfast outside with my neighbours

    3. wendy crabb 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are for carousel rides with jasper

    4. marthasnail 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are for gardening and for being outdoors as much as possible. sunday evenings are for reading.

      ps: how were the honey amaranth waffles? that book is on my bday wish list.

    5. m a v 82 months ago | reply

      Hi, Shari.
      I messed up the recipe (typical) but it was still delicious. I have a major crush on this book. Have been loving it and will likely write up a review on 3191 soon! xx

    6. Beth {The Shape of a Life} 82 months ago | reply

      For me, Sundays are breakfast with the family, an unhurried shower, church and an afternoon of gardening, hiking, napping, whatever suits our fancy.

    7. { nina } 82 months ago | reply

      hi maria. i love sundays too. it's time for my very favorite show, the cbs sunday morning program, lots of percolated coffee, pancakes, reading more than other days of the week, npr, and something chocolate.

      can't wait to order the book --- looks to be fantastic, happy sunday! :)

    8. GRACIA + LOUISE 82 months ago | reply

      Sunday I love. I love it for reading anything... books, newspapers, faces, clouds. I love it for tying loose ends and equally so for making new ends that will later need tying. It fits all schemes and dreams, doesn't it?

    9. lexonline 82 months ago | reply

      Sundays for me mean taking it slow, breakfast and everything. Not getting up early. Reading the paper in bed. And getting ready for the week. Psyching up and slowing down.

    10. Peapods_ 82 months ago | reply

      Sundays for me mean adventure! Every Sunday we try and go somewhere new or try something different :)

    11. charlotte** 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are seasonal.

      in may 2010 they are: opening the windows and retreating back to bed with a cup of tea, asparagus, potting plants, spring cleaning (and enjoying it) and the anticipation of long lunches in the garden.

    12. m a v 82 months ago | reply

      Oh you all have given me more to think about ...
      Keep it coming and thank you!!! xo MAV

    13. sweet potato anna 82 months ago | reply

      sundays are so full of emotion. anxiety and excitement for the coming week. energy and refreshment from the weekend. housekeeping: cleaning and farmer's market and bike rides and work in the garden. checking in: coffee dates, dinner dates, walks with my mom, my partner or an old friend.

    14. clumsybird 82 months ago | reply

      in the sunshine, sundays are for riding around on bikes all day and chocolate malts & fries in the afternoon.

    15. nataliecreates 82 months ago | reply

      i was so happy to read about this project because sundays are my absolute favorite. it is the only day when both my husband & i are completely off from work. we wake up late, cuddle for awhile & then enjoy a long & delicious breakfast. we usually do a project together like gardening or tending to our home. in the evening, we attend church service & then head home to talk to his family. it is a family tradition to talk on sunday so we hover over our laptops & skype. his family is so uplifting so it is wonderful to end our day talking to them & sharing little moments together... even if we are miles away :)

      i cannot wait to order a copy once we save up some money!

    16. hayleyalaska 82 months ago | reply

      I like the "sundays are seasonal" comment above. Right now Sundays are lingering over coffee, shopping at the farmer's market, playing at the playground, sitting outside with popsicles, learning to ride a tricycle, and on third sundays hitting the antiques market.

    17. austen g. 82 months ago | reply

      Sundays are for eating leisurely breakfasts, reading, drinking a second cup of tea, listening to the best radio of the week on CBC, taking a long walk, spending the afternoon making things, and cooking a big dinner to share with friends. All my favourite things in one day: the best.

    18. ayenforcraft 82 months ago | reply

      Well, as a student, Sundays currently mean homework day! But usually Saturdays are adventure days and Sundays are a little quieter, a little more focused on home or on self, a little bit more about comfort and regeneration for the week to come. And usually there's cooking up a batch of something to last another 3 meals into the week. Sometimes bread. Or a cake or cookies, if I feel like indulging myself. Lazy afternoons with a book or at the sewing machine, or just a walk in the park.

    19. LeilaMarieLawler 82 months ago | reply

      You are a wonderful photographer!

      Sundays are what makes us human. If we only work, we can never look up and know why we are here and where we are going.

      I love that there is one day set aside for worship and celebration, even if it's Mass in ordinary time and a simple Sunday dinner with my family. We all gather, and make sure that, if only for a few hours, we have truly appreciated life and love.

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