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sky day 314

today i saw something i knew you would have loved

without a doubt, you would have stood in front of it

and just smiled softly with your pretty mouth closed

and not said a lot of words

but said a lot to me in what you would say

but i know your head would have felt like someone was holding it a little, maybe

i think, if i could show you that painting if you were here

i know you are busy and i know i am busy

but talking to you is the highlight of my day

it was just a painting but it was the perfect color, it was your color, to me

it was blue and green but not in the aquatic way

in the sky way, sorta

transient, like a noun

mixing into either one or the other and then falling out again

perpetually good lighting, perfect lighting

how the hell can i protect the people that i care for

i know i can't do anything

i just want to be around you

there is a dream that i want to have very much

instead of the dreams that i actually do have

and in the dream i want it to be snowing

and it would be night time before we would go to sleep

we would walk out of a building we were just in

and i also would like it to be quiet and no one else would be around

and we would maybe be in a parking lot for the simple reason that the street light would be nice on the snow

and we would not say anything

i don't want to say anything, because from far away i can still say lots of things to you

and it would not be like a movie

it would be like real life

and it would be pretty and so would you because you always are

some sort of understanding would happen, in the dream

i would know your name, very well

so much that when i would say it

you would know how i felt

and then i would wake up, and i would not tell anyone about it

in words, at least

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Taken in November 2008