Robins of Modern Times, 1860

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    John Roddam Spencer STANHOPE , Robins of Modern Times
    Oil/canvas , Painting , 18 7/8x33 7/8 in, 48x86 cm

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    1. rasputina2 75 months ago | reply

      Guess "modern" is a relative term. This is neat.

    2. Maulleigh 75 months ago | reply

      Well, by 1860 it was time to cast off the shackles of the prince regent once and for all!

    3. Just Back 75 months ago | reply

      sort of pre-Raphaelite I guess

    4. Maulleigh 75 months ago | reply

      It does look very pre-raphaelite!

    5. whitesunglasses 73 months ago | reply

      The work, it seems has very little to do with politics of the time (the comment on regency above). This work, as with much of the artists' ouvre, concerns itself with a modern type of hybrid mythology; with general allegories touching on many interrelated themes.
      It is unlikely that this child (of indeterminate gender), is merely napping. HIs/her legs protrude at uncomfortably odd angles from beneath disheveled underskirts and socks. The child's body is slumped among snapped serpentine twigs and dying foliage (at which the more distant robin pecks.) Just as the carefully composed garland had already begun its inevitable decomposition, the bloom of youth will vacate the child's cheeks The escarpment behind bars any return to the safety of the idyllic cottage beyond. And the apparently once verdant land in the mid-ground has become nearly barren with overgrazing, (note the distant livestock). I'm sure we could easily posit a dozen or more classic mythological frameworks, allegories or simply narratives here, but to play that game would reduce the artist's aim to naught.

    6. Just Back 73 months ago | reply

      Now that you mention it...I'll suggest an unhappy fall, the child now quite dead. Maybe he/she fell out of an apple tree: there, the tumbled fruits. But I can't quite figure out the cheeky bird, coming up so soon to check things out.

    7. Ms. Max 40 months ago | reply

      John Roddam Spencer Stanhope WAS a full-fledged Pre-Raphalite and was friends with and influenced by Burne-Jones (

    8. Ms. Max 40 months ago | reply

      artcyclopedia is a great resource to find sources of an artists works. John Roddam Spencer Stanhope ( works are very like Burne-Jones in style.

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