NASA Ames Research Makerspace
Visited SpaceShop at NASA Ames Research Center - a makerspace built for NASA Engineers. Matthew Reyes is the man responsible for setting up the space and being my host for the afternoon.

There are two main areas documented here.

Upstairs is the SpaceShop with its laser cutter, 3d printers, shopbot, small tool area, nice optical bench, etc. That model on the optical bench is a 3d printed version of the Sofia telescope (Stratospheric Observatory for Infared Astronomy) The model is about 10 years old and predates the Makerbot era of inexpensive printing.

Matthew outfitted the space with most of the equipment required for a FabLab. He found a whole lotta desks and other equipment on the NASA Ames site, much of it slated for disposal.

One of the projects Matthew and the Ames Makers have been working on are carved foam terrain maps of Mars. See that pink sheet on the shopbot? and the set of em standing in his office

The second area is the pre-existing workshops mostly downstairs from the SpaceShop... OMFG! this has to be the biggest collection of high end CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders etc I have ever seen. Many of them are solid cast iron beasts that are probably as old as I am. Some of those lathes are outfitted with microscopes. Microscopes on a lathe!!!

Serious shop envy here.
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