Puunene Cafeteria
The 'Cafeteria' building is the block building next to our container on the Pu'unene School grounds. We have been given permission by the Hawaii Dept of Education to use about half of the building near our container. This includes the large (34x31) open room, a kitchen, closet and a decent sized 'office'. The other end is used by Resource Dev teachers.

There is a 'pantry' is behind a steel grate door in the kitchen that DoEd is holding for storage use.

There is was open arch/door between the kitchen and the open room, along with some slide up glass windows. We built a door in this archway. We still need to secure the exterior windows in front of the kitchen area.

Also included in this flickr set is the "Library" which is a large open room in the main Pu'unene school building. It is available for meetings and teaching classes,
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