Mobile Maker Vans
Mobile Maker Vans
This is a collection of Mobile Maker images either from the web or captured in person.

First up is Hawaii Robotics Alliance Van, used to support the FIRST Robotics Competition. It is a step van w/lift gate, outfitted with a nice small metal shop, including mill, lathe, press, welding and cutting rigs.

Then there are a bunch of pics I found on the web of HackBus, MIT FabLabs's trailer and a WWII mobile repair vehicle.

I added a whole bunch more pics of the Hawaii Van from 2012, the Spark Truck and GE Garage (which isnt really a van but a set of containers).

I dont have any pics of the Hawai'i Digital Bus:
which is reportedly a bus that takes science projects around the islands - or its a bus that takes kids around the islands to science events/field trips.

Aug 2012 - USArmy deploying a containerized Makerspace/Lab to Afganistan with CNC, 3Dprinter, etc.

Dec 2013 - Make Zine & Ford had a contest to design a makermobile ...

A number of mobile maker projects have come up in recent times.
SparkLab Kickstarter is one from last year.
The Motorola Labs van (pic of me hanging on side) was pretty cool, if a bit of a pr stunt.
Another recent (fall 2014) project Sustainable Magic's Van
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