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Our late father, Leonard Rudoff (1927-1994), in 1945 at age 17 joined the U.S. Coast Guard, and served on the USS General H.F. Hodges (AP 144), a troop transport, until 1946, as an Apprentice Seaman, 3rd Class.

Brother Doug recently found a collection of photographs from our father's tour on the Hodges and had them scanned.

There are photos of shipboard life, as well as the various locales the Hodges visited (India, Egypt, NYC, San Francisco (the ship was launched from Richmond, CA)).

We don't know if our father was the photographer for all of the photos that did not portray him. Some photos had typed descriptions on back--these we know are dad's. Some photos had handwritten descriptions, but the handwriting doesn't match his writing. However, we think it likely that he shot most of these photos.

The photos with a title in quotes are those that had a description typed or written on them.

An interview with another crew member of the Hodges, Clyde Allen, can be found here:

Matt, Doug and Roger Rudoff

"Best of" USS General H. F. Hodges

"Best of" USS...

33 photos

The Sailors

The Sailors

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