from the dock- #22, Summer, 2010

41 years ago tonight, people walked on that moon for the first time


Long Lake


The Adirondacks, NY

July 20, 2010


Roughly 5 and a half hours north of NYC, Long Lake is a 14-mile long lake that is, at most, 1 mile wide. Situated in the Central Adirondacks, it is part of an enormous network of lakes and rivers that ultimately empty into the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. It is, in fact, possible to canoe for hundreds of miles with minimal carrying. This region was more or less total wilderness until the late 1800's- The source of the Hudson River is up here, and wasn't found until even after the source of the Nile.


Since 1885, the mountains have been protected by the brilliant and vast Adirondack State Park, which seems to have found a sort of balance between human and natural interests. Today, it is still quite wild, with few tiny towns and many uninhabited lakes and waterways. It is very easy to get away from people up here- the local high school graduates about 5 students every year.


The summer days are long - at 10pm, there is still the faint glow of dusk and the sun is pretty well up by 5 am.


The weather this week was wildly unpredictable- sometimes from warm and sunny to cool and rainy and back again within 20 minutes. Generally though, the thermometer never broke 80 degrees, a welcome respite from yet another heatwave in the city.

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Taken on July 20, 2010