The Industry Standard
This set contains scans of the prototype issue of The Industry Standard magazine, published January 12, 1998, a bit after the important stuff had been worked out on the Internet but just in time to capitalize on the wave of cash that entered the market when everyone realized the Internet was going to be a big deal.

The staff at the time included Jonathan Weber, Debra Aho Williamson, Matt McAlister, Daniel Carter, Nicole Chiala, Eva Langfeldt, John Battelle, Jeff Miller, Cheryl Lucanegro, Todd Mahoney and Stacey Reitz.

Contributors to this prototype issue included Daniel Akst, Stewart Alsop, Rick Bruner, Ashley Craddock, Fred Dawson, Jennifer Eno, Kevin Kelleher, David Perscovitz, Michelle Rafter, Evan Schwartz, Stephan Somogyi, Steve Steinberg, Michael Tchong, and Rebecca Vesely.

The business operated out of temporary space in San Francisco at 350 Townsend St during the creation of this prototype. The business moved to the Pacific Avenue building soon after.

This preview was used to establish the concept and tone of the brand. The launch issue was then released 4 months later in April 1998. And the last issue was printed the first week in August, 2001.

The web site still continues today at

I found this copy of the prototype buried in a box the other day and decided it would be much more fun to scan it and add my personal annotations for everyone to see than to store it in under the stairs in my house for another 11 years.

I'm guessing this isn't the only copy out it?

I wasn't actually involved in much of this at all, so please contribute your comments if you know anything actually factual that might be useful.
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