Olympic Games 31.10.2011,Lammaskoski, Ruottala, Tornio.


Got a call some weeks ago that there was a crane that couldn`t fly in one field. Today it was in a good place at least to try to get it caught. Sneaked through forest to a good place. We had a plan to drive it towards me so I could caught it without running. Unfortunately it noticed me too early.


Adult crane, even with wing broken, is really fast runner - faster than Usain Bolt in a wet field with rubberboots on - I`m sure. Luckily I did have Sylvi with me. It reached crane after 150 meters quite easily and jumped around crane until I did get there - all broken & tired & heart pounding in my head:).


We packed crane to a cardboard box and sended it with a bus to Ranua Zoo where they willingly take care of injured animals.




Thanks to Hannu for taking the pics.


BTW My friend Petri succeeded to attach satellite transmitters to cranes that flew to East-Africa. And that was not coincidence. Professional, I`d say. And new knowledge...As a child I`ve read that Finnish cranes spend their winter in Egypt and in East-Africa but there has not been this much proof for that.:





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  • Michele Thorsteinson 3y

    Thank you and your Sylvi for doing what you do!
  • Marjelii 3y

    Hienoa, pelastajakaksikko Matti ja Sylvi!
  • Olli-Pekka Karlin 3y

    Hieno homma,
  • The Lady of Shalot 3y

    Excellent job, Matti - and, most of all, Sylvi!!!
  • Chris 3y

    Nice job, not everyone can say they've held a crane let alone had one almost in their pocket! Congrats to your helpful little bird dog!
  • Matti Suopajärvi 3y

    @aegolius: Well...it didn`t fit to the pocket. Actually crane is the most difficult bird to hold that I know for it`s aggressive use of legs & bill...luckily I have not been forced to hold Ostrichs:)
  • Crotach 3y

    Good work - fascinating links to tracking of the cranes also; thanks for sharing.
  • szefi 3y

    Nice to see you in front of the camera as well and what a heart-warming story. Your love of nature shows on your face and the way you hold the crane, as well as in all your photos.
  • *wildbio* 3y

    Great story!
  • Tomi Tapio K 3y

  • Baubo Bittern 3y

    LOL!!!!!! Matti, if you and your little wooly sheppard dog ever need a pet ostrich for training purposes ...
    Ostriches / Straussen
  • Mim Eisenberg 3y

    Good for you for rescuing the bird, Matti. Give the pup a pat on the head.
  • françois (on & off) 3y

    Your photo touches me deeply
  • Vaeltaja 3y

  • Cherry 3y

    Excellent work on rescuing this injured bird. I found it difficult enough catching a sick barn owl so a long-legged crane must need a lot more speed. Well done Sylvi too - you played an important part.
  • patdcrane 3y

    What a tale! So glad you were able to rescue the injured Crane. You and Sylvi make quite a team.
  • Riana 3y

    hahaha, what a nice story!! Nature is always more powerful (and faster) than man :) Hope the crane will be ok!
  • simo-otto 3y

    Upea juttu!
  • NetteBini 3y

    Good photos and great work! I hope the crane lives a long and healthy life.
  • Sebastian "Basse" Lindström 2y

    Hienoa työtä!
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