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Two boys in a bus, travelling with their mother in Bribri, Costa Rica.


During a short stop in Puerto Limon in bus trip from Heredia to Puerto Viejo (said to be the jamaica-like-village of Costa Rica) we learned that there was no cash machine in Puerto Viejo. We ran to find a cash machine but it had already been closed. Short in time, we ran back to the bus since bus drivers in Costa Rica might just leave people behind and this was not the location you wanted to be left behind. During the run I stepped into a muddy, smelly ditch which was overgrown with grass. So much for the new-ness of my left shoe and sock. Back at the bus we learned that a town not too far away from Puerto Viejo named Bribri had a cash machine. This was a comforting thought. We could go to get money there after our first night..


However, Bribri's single cash machine did not accept our cards, so we had to go all the way back to Puerto Limon with the final small amount of money I had left! Trust me, that's traveling a long way for getting money .. The cash machine we tried on our bus stop the first time was open! Yay! Too bad that it did not accept our cards. Now what. No money to travel further, no money from the machine, away from the centre of Puerto Limon in a dodgy area which was not good to walk through to go to the city centre. A local could read the despair from our faces, asked us what was wrong and he offered us a ride to Puerto Limon's centre! He dropped us of near the hotel we stayed in before, so we knew where to find a cash machine. We would have been 'saved' if the machine would not have been out of order. An other machine was not working for us either.


A trip by foot through Puerto Limon finally brought us to a working machine. We were waiting for three people who were in the booth. Then one of them appeared to be an armed guard. Why was he heavily armed, why did they stay in the booth and why did another armed guy show up outside? The line grew and time passed. Quite uncomfortable. We imagined there was a robbery going on or something like that. It turned that this was the standard bank-closing procedure. The employees left the bank through the cash machine booth, where they had to stay until the bank was securely closed and the alarm had been set. We got out money and traveled back to Puerto Viejo. Lost a day but gained a short adventure.


Anyway, the money hunting trip gave me the chance to take this photo in Bribri :) .. This image looks great in black and white print by the way ..


Also, look at this similar, lovely photo by Sizif ..

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Taken on November 1, 2003