• cyrillic lomo logos pwn!
  • It's dead .. shutter did not open .. only black photo's came out :(
  • this lens made these :D
  • Yes,I do love tha rainbow sticker... :D - jennifer_gentle81

Lomo Lubitel 166b and a Polaroid 1000

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They've arrived! My new toys! Yay!! A Lomo Lubitel 166B and a Polaroid land camera 1000

In pretty good shape, via online marketplace .. Together for 15 Euros :p

Don't you just looove the rainbow stickr on the polaroid?

To modify the Polaroid 1000 so that you can use the currently available Polaroid 600 sheet film, see these instructions

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  1. ahnini [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    do you know what other cassettes can used for that land 1000 camera besides SX-70?

  2. matthijs rouw 85 months ago | reply

    I am researching that myself at the moment! I have the idea that the 600 film should be usable but the film is more sensitive .. the lens needs a filter .. or something like that .. as I said, still researching, I might be wrong!

  3. LiaSterkenburg 85 months ago | reply

    Je hebt me aangestoken met het Lubitel-virus.
    Ik had al vaker foto´s gezien, gemaakt met zo´n camera.
    Jouw foto´s zijn van doorslag geweest om inmiddels ook zelf op zoek te zijn naar een soortgelijk exemplaar, hopelijk is het resultaat snel op Flickr te vinden.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. matthijs rouw 85 months ago | reply

    hmm ik denk dat je mijn lomo lc-a foto's bedoelt? ik heb namelijk met de lubitel nog geen foto's gemaakt..

  5. mselderhuis 85 months ago | reply

    Voor 15 euro?Echt goedkoop!Ik heb net 100 euro betaald voor mijn Yashica Mat 124g!

  6. Mademoiselle Monique 84 months ago | reply

    Congrats !!! ( met je goedkope aanwinst joh !! )

    I want have it too !

    The Charm of the Old Camera

    ( deze is van iemand die ook tijdens de Flickr Meet in Amsterdam Zuid was)

  7. endoplasmic*reticulum 76 months ago | reply

    my polaroid 1000 has an orange button. bizarre.

  8. ♔ @ Nibes 72 months ago | reply

    On May 1st of 2009, we will shoot a roll with our "Commie" Camera. Perhaps you would like to join us in this global event. More information at
    International Commie Camera Day 2009

  9. - Man from the North - 71 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Camera porn, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  10. Rosario Lopez Personal Works 66 months ago | reply

    oh! I have this same Polaroid. do you know what photo paper it uses? :D

  11. matthijs rouw 64 months ago | reply

    I shoot on Polaroid 600 sheets .. However, this camera was not built for these, so you have to do some simple modifications, to the film container and the camera ..

    Look here for instructions

  12. jjtelecaster 55 months ago | reply

    I got a Lubitel just like yours 2 years ago and today a friend has given me a polaroid 1000.
    Can you use it without a flash?

  13. matthijs rouw 55 months ago | reply

    sure u can .. but you must modify it a bit and cut off nothes from the casettes to work together ..

  14. jjtelecaster 55 months ago | reply

    I ordered 5 sepia casettes por the polaroid; they're 100 ASA; they're not very expensive. I can't tell you exactly how much because I also ordered 120 film, but something like 6€ for the polaroid cartridges.

  15. 13-Design 55 months ago | reply

    Hey I got exactly the same Gear ! The lubitel and the polaroid :-)

  16. stone_heart_joanne 53 months ago | reply

    I have a seagull 4A ......I want a polaroid....but I dont know how can I get film........

  17. melissarowland 51 months ago | reply

    I have the same Lubitel! ^^

  18. PatFrusciante 42 months ago | reply

    i have the same lubitel, bought in Moscow! I have a Polaroid 600 Onestep as well :)

  19. resarfeolhc 36 months ago | reply

    I also have both those cameras, lubitel it brilliant!

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