Close-up view of the colored glass beads mixed in the sand at Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA (glassbeach36xy)

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    Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA. Located just off of Fort Bragg, this unique beach contains multicolored rounded fragments of glass, washed ashore from an abandoned landfill.

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    Glass Beach is not an official park or attraction - there are no signs pointing the way to the shoreline. Its origins date back to the early part of the twentieth century, when the nearby city of Fort Bragg used the spot as its municipal landfill. For decades, tons of trash were dumped into the ocean, or burned at the shoreline, until 'The Dump' was closed in 1967. Over the years, the glass bottles were smashed to pieces, then worn into colorful clear beads that mixed in with the course sand and gravel at the beach. Families come from all over California to collect the colored pebbles, although you're not supposed to take any away. But that doesn't stop the constant flow of collectors, leaving the shoreline with less and less color with each passing year. In addition to the polished glass, Glass Beach provides an excellent point of access to the rocky northern California shoreline, with the furious waves crashing against the craggy outcrops. For more information on Glass Beach, see

    Picture taken November 18, 2007. Photo #36 of 52 of my 'Glass Beach' photoset.

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    1. Sharklady , Sandy Lohrber 64 months ago | reply

      I want and need to go there !!! I love sea glass and make sea glass jewlery. The sea glass I have came from the turks and cacois islands. do they permit people to pick the sea glass up on this beach ? thank you

    2. Gabalaba7011 62 months ago | reply

      i've been there! it's unbelievable!people pick it up in HUGE paint buckets, though i think its way more fun to sit down and pick through it all, finding the goods :)

    3. Sharklady , Sandy Lohrber 62 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the info. I need to go there this year !

    4. sydoneyy 62 months ago | reply

      great pic! but, please, when you visit do not take the glass. over the years people have taken more and more and there is significantly less glass on glass beach :(

    5. Pixteca | Len & Pix【ツ】 61 months ago | reply

      Wow this is amazing! I never thought there was a place like this!

    6. netspectre101 61 months ago | reply

      The irony of this place is amazing.
      First those bottles were trash and nobody wanted them.
      Time and water and sand have made the trash into something beautiful.
      Now everybody wants some when at one time they couldn't wait to get rid of it!

    7. gina2299 59 months ago | reply

      Nice! Thank you for posting.

    8. larkspurting23 43 months ago | reply

      i loveeeeeee glass beach. beautiful shot.

    9. wtfjax 42 months ago | reply

      wow! i wish i could go there!

    10. davensuze (Seriously, I'm not Ted Raynor) 39 months ago | reply

      It's pretty much been reduced in Maine now that people aren't such proliferate litterbugs as they were in decades past nor as inconsiderate about leaving glass to break on the shore and cut peoples' feet. Of course plastic bottles help too.

    11. kentsmith9 38 months ago | reply

      I have always heard about this location, but never visited. I guess I should get up there.

    12. Nitish_Bhardwaj 7 months ago | reply

      Magnificent Shot!

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