I got the idea to send a camera through the mail from Kyle Van Horn (and he got it from P22) and decided to try it myself!

The first camera traveled from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii, collecting a total of seven pictures on its way. I couldn't have hoped for a better set of photos! The Postal Service sure does move fast.

I ended up trying three more cameramail packages to Washington, to Japan, and to Masschusetts (all three when I was living in Hawaii) but never heard back.

Update (2011-06-28)

Featured on Neatorama

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Interview in Toronto Star

Update (2011-06-24)

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Update (2011-06-23)

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Wow! I cannot believe all of this attention. I am thinking about how best to get this going in a bigger and better way. If you want to be involved, send me some FlickrMail.

Update (2011-06-13)

Featured on Lomography!

Again, thank you for all of the new contacts, comments, and favorites! I am working on starting this project up again. If you want to be involved, send me some FlickrMail.

Cameramail Group on Flickr

Update (2011-03-25)

Featured on Photojojo!

Wow, thank you for all the new contacts, comments, and favorites — I was surprised to see this project resurrected, and I'm glad you like it.

After a few years I gave up the domain name for this project ( because I wasn't doing anything with it and because all of the photos and explanation are better hosted on Flickr, so what you see here is all I have at the moment!

The attention has made me want to pick this up again.
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