Kings Park Psychiatric Center
This past weekend I decided that I take my urban exploring to Brentwood, LI, at the Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center. It was at one point one of the largest mental hospitals in the world at one point in time. Sadly, I went all the way out there only to find that every building has been demolished except one, and one building that was standing had a cop passing it every two minutes. I did however manage to grab a snap of it.

I then left with my tailed tucked between my legs thinking the day was shot. Then I remembered there was another psych ward that loomed in Long Island, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center. While it was smaller than Pilgrim State, it is very large and holds a ton of history, a lot of good but some bad.

This Hospital dates back to 1885 and it closed down in 1996. While a lot of reports came out that the place tortured patients with lobotomies and shock therapy. (Some of it true during the 50’s) It was much more peaceful place compared to some of the other famous wards in CT and NY.

Throughout its history they mainly used outdoor farming and meds as a form of treatment.
If you have ever had any plans to go to this place now would be the time to go before it’s torn down soon.

There are over a dozen structures; one of them includes the famous building 93. Building 93 stands over twelve stories and is chalk full of abandoned goodness including patient files, gurneys, and furniture, all over the place. Not to mention it has a down right creepy feeling in it while walking around.

There is also a fun little local legend of Mary Hatchet who supposedly still haunts the building. Truth be told I felt t no presence of any ghosts while in there.

I guess ghosts just don’t like me since I have never felt or seen one except for one place (Sunrise Resort in moodus C.T, I have a set of over 300 pics including a ghost pic here on flicker. Please check it out if you feel so inclined to.)

If you do go you will have no issues getting on the property, as of now it is used as a bike and walking trail. Sneaking in however is illegal, but it isn’t that difficult to get in if you are really determined.

If you do go in these buildings make sure to protect yourself. Go with a group of friends if possible, bring a flashlight and med kit, and without any questions bring an air mask. The hospital is loaded with lead paint and asbestos.

I will be the first to say I don’t know a whole lot on this place other than what I read. So if anyone can share some info I would appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the pics, and feel free to comment on them and share your stories of the place if you have some.

Also I do apologize that some of the pics are so so, towards the end of the trip I was getting sick from the air in the place and it shows on some of the images lol.
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